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 Ynnari list? 1500

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PostSubject: Ynnari list? 1500   Tue Nov 21 2017, 06:16

132 Yvraine
87 Autarch w/ reaper launcher
105 Farseer w/ singing spear
105 10 Guardians w/ heavy -lance
105 10 guardians w/ Heavy- lance
60 5 Rangers
60 5 Rangers
60 5 Rangers
60 5 Rangers
234 10 Shadow Spectres, exarch
222 10 Shadow spectres
270 10 Dark reapers

I know they just got nerfed, but I wanted to try a list out. Lemme know what you think? two guardian squads for objective holding, 4 rangers for popping up on objectives. Love the shadow spectres..they can help bubble around the dark reapers...and then the dark reapers for massive damage output. Though Im still not sure if it would do better just as a regular craftworld list... *sigh*
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Ynnari list? 1500
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