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 1500 point/75 power Craftworld

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Glass Battleaxe

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PostSubject: 1500 point/75 power Craftworld   Sun Nov 19 2017, 14:31

Hey all. So recently I had a go at creating a points list for a Craftworld army, having based my armies on power in the past. I was wondering if I could get your views on it, and maybe offer some advice on tactics.

I should point out that the group I'm a part of are very casual in terms of play: we play Matched games, but they're quite lenient when it comes to rules/restrictions, and we're not necessarily playing competitively. Also, this is limited on what I have in my collection at the moment, so while recommendations for replacements would be nice, I might not be able to add them for quite a while.

So, here's the list (I think my calculations are correct: please do tell me if I've miscounted):

Battalion + Spearhead Detachments (+4 CP) - 1496 points - 75 power



- Autarch with Wings, Avenger SC and Fusion Pistol - 98 points/5 power
- Farseer (on foot) with Singing Spear - 105 points/6 power

- 10 Guardian Defenders + HW Platform with Bright Lance - 105 points/5 power
- 5 Dire Avengers (Exarch has two Avenger SC's) - 64 points/3 power
- 5 Dire Avengers (Exarch has Power Glaive and Shuriken Pistol) - 60 points/3 power



- Maugan Ra - 140 points/7 power

Heavy Support
- 5 Dark Reapers (Exarch has Tempest Launcher) - 140 points/7 power
- 3 War Walkers (one w/2 Bright Lances, one w/2 Scatter Lasers, one w/2 Missiles) - 260 points/12 power
- Fire Prism with Crystal Targeting Matrix - 160 points/9 power


Fast Attack

- 1 Vyper with Twin Shuriken Catapult and Missile Launcher - 80 points/4 power
- 3 Windriders (two w/Shuriken Cannons and one w/Scatter Laser) - 84 points/4 power

- Hemlock Wraithfighter - 200 points/10 power
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 point/75 power Craftworld   Sun Nov 19 2017, 22:04

If it's limited to models then you can't do much. There are good units you have as well, as you can't go wrong with hemlocks, dark reapers and farseers. However I can see a direction problem.

A winged autarch works best if you want him to give his buff to a deepstriking firepower bubble but you don't have it and he isn't equipped to be near your long ranged elements. You have dire avengers on foot and to get a battalion I can see that but a trnasport would reduce drops, keep them safe and allow 120+ points to be useful.

Good enough for casual but you can still be casual and drastically improve the army thinking about those things.
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Glass Battleaxe

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 point/75 power Craftworld   Mon Nov 20 2017, 02:19

@PFI, thanks for the response. You make some interesting points, and have given me some things to think about.

When I said that I was limited to models, I meant that I was going for more of a War-host/Aspect Warrior based army and, beyond a few Warlock Skyrunners, most of my remaining Craftworld stuff is Spirit-host based (which is good, but not what I was focusing on with this list). Of course, the Hemlock is the exception (and with good reason).

I'll have another look into my autarch and what he can do with his current loadout. Maybe there's a more effective way in which I can utilise him and his abilities (might need a match or two to find out).

I've only recently got more into the gaming side over modelling, so yes, a few Craftworld transports are definitely next on my list. A Wave Serpent at least, or maybe a Falcon or two (funds permitting). I also intend to add more in terms of troops and vehicles to my army at some point: more guardians, a Night Spinner (that doomweaver looks fun) and a pair of Vypers (to make a squad of 3 and benefit from the speed bonus). But again, these will have to wait a little while (a new years treat, maybe).
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 point/75 power Craftworld   

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1500 point/75 power Craftworld
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