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 Court of the Archon : my take

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Court of the Archon : my take Empty
PostSubject: Court of the Archon : my take   Court of the Archon : my take I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 11 2017, 21:04

Court of the Archon : elite choice

Ur-ghul     :      M 8   WS 3+    BS /       S 4     T 3      W 2      A 4      Ld 2       Sv 7+
Sslyth        :     M 8   WS 3+    BS 3+    S  5   T  5     W  3     A  3     Ld  4      Sv  4+
Lhamaean   :    M8    WS 3+    BS 3+    S  3   T   3    W   2    A   2    Ld   8     Sv   5+      
Medusae       :  M8    WS  3+   BS  3+   S   3   T   3   W    2   A   1   Ld    5    Sv    5+

Unit composition
Your Court of the Archon may include :
- Up to 3 Lhamaean : +30pts per model
- Up to 3 Ur-ghuls : +20pts per model
- Up to 3 Sslyths : +30pts per model
- Up to 3 Medusae : +22pts per model

Unit gear :
The medusae has Eyeburst (range 9, Pistol 1d6 autohits, S4 AP-2).  
The Sslyths has a Sslyth blade (CC, S user, Ap-1) and a shardcarbine (Assault 3, range 18, 4+ to wound, AP-)
The Lhameaen has a Shaimeshi blade (2+ to wound, mortal wound on a 6) and a stinger pistol (2+ to wound, mortal wound on a 6).
The Ur-ghul has its Claws and Talons (S user, AP-).

Special rules

Court of the Archon : you cannot take a Court of the Archon in a Detachment that doesn't include an Archon. When the Court is within 6" of any friendly Archon, its models can reroll To Hit rolls.

The Master is gone ! : at the beginning of your moral phase, if you have no Archon on the table (even if you have some in reserve), every single model in your Court of the Archon units must roll a die. If they roll strictly under the LD value, they flee and are removed as casualties.

A Token of Power and Prestige
: if your Court of the Archon includes one model from every 4 types, it becomes an HQ slot instead of a Elite slot.

Power from pain

Insensible to pain
(Sslyth and Ur-ghul only) : the model gains a 5+ inv save.

Deadliest poisons :
(Lhameaen only) : at the beginning of the game, for every Lhameaen in your army, select any unit in your army. The Splinter riffles, splinter cannons, shardcarbines, Splinter pods, and Haemonculus tools in that unit will wound non-vehicle targets on 3+ instead of 4+. This effect is permanent.

Our cute Blood-crazed pet (Ur-ghul only) : when an Ur-ghul makes a successfull charge, it gains the following aura : "Every friendly unit within 12" gains 1 attack when it charges, until the end of the current turn".

Bodyguards (Sslyths only) : when an Archon within 3" of any Ssltyh model takes a hit, you can try to transfer that hit to the Sslyth. On a 2+ roll, the hit is transfered to the Sslyth.

Do not lay eyes upon her (Medusae only) : units targeting a unit containing a Medusa have a -1 to hit modifier if they are within 6".

My Kabal
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Court of the Archon : my take
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