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 Mandrake Focused List 2K Points

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PostSubject: Mandrake Focused List 2K Points   Fri Nov 10 2017, 18:47

Thanks for looking, this is my first post on this site.

I've had a lot of luck with Mandrakes in this edition. I was thinking about making a list that focused on them:

-Vanguard Detachment -

HQ - SpiritSeer [45]
Troop - 2 x 5 Kabalite Warriors [70]
Elite - 6 x 10 Mandrakes [1140]
Heavy Support - 2 x Ravager w/ Dark Lances [310]
Flyer - 2 x Razorwing Jetfighters w/ Dark Lances [310]
Transport - 1 x Raider w/ Disintegrator [125]

Total 2000 points

Anyone have any thoughts on this list?
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PostSubject: Re: Mandrake Focused List 2K Points   Fri Nov 10 2017, 23:25

Looks very Deep-Strike heavy--perfect.
Looking at this, I feel like you'll have phenomenal first turn maneuverability, and a degree of anti-geq lacking in a lot of DE lists.

It might be advantageous to drop the Kabalites and invest in a Farseer for access to Doom--something that'll give you a larger degree of offensive leverage.

Really, I don't see the Kabalites fulfilling much of a role, scrapping them and the Raider for Dissies would grant you enough anti-t5 as well as comparable anti-tank
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PostSubject: Re: Mandrake Focused List 2K Points   Thu Nov 16 2017, 19:31

I totaly agree with baconpope. No use for kabalites in this list. Go for a farseer possibly with wings as relic. Mandrake are not so killy in meele. Far better off shooting. Consider adding flocks as meele tarpit and defense/offence for tie ups. Also gives difficult target priority. Mandrakes are -1 to hit and birds charge and tie up . What do you kill first? Maybe a good distraction.
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PostSubject: Re: Mandrake Focused List 2K Points   Fri Nov 17 2017, 08:48

Love the idea.

Going torun something similar this weekend, except smaller and mandrakes in transports as well as deep striking. Having done the numbers a doomed mandrake hits point for point as our best unit in almost all situations. Definitely recommend the doom.

Please tell us how it goes, as your running more mandrakes than I and I'd love a larger sample set of experiences w massed mandrakes
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PostSubject: Re: Mandrake Focused List 2K Points   Fri Nov 17 2017, 15:12

I played a 1200 point league game with a cut down version of this list:
Farseer Skyrunner w/singing spear 140
3 x 10 Mandrakes 570
2 x Ravagers w/ Dark Lances 310
1 x Razorwing Jetfighter w/dissies 175
The Mandrakes were great. They can damage anything, even without doom.I had some trouble with a vehicle focused gunline list, but that is due to poor tactics on my part. I dropped the Mandrakes in to shoot down the screens. I should have dropped the mandrakes by the vehicles and charged them in to keep the shooting off the Ravagers.
As the Baconpope suggested, grabbing some Razorwing flocks to screen the vehicles and Farseer is probably a good idea.That would make it easier to get doom where you want it.

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PostSubject: Re: Mandrake Focused List 2K Points   

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Mandrake Focused List 2K Points
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