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 Happy Birthday Dark Eldar

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PostSubject: Happy Birthday Dark Eldar   Sun Nov 06 2011, 00:29

It is now a year to date when Archons around the world were starting their new Kabals and adding reinforcements to their Commorragh forces.

It's been a good year. But how much have you accomplished and how pleased were you with the last year of releases?

Personally, I have an army up to barely table top and I think we have had a great range of releases. For the next year I expect to see the Voidraven, possibly Beasts to go Finecast and then the big, well, massive advent that 6th will bring.

Enjoy the cake.


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PostSubject: Re: Happy Birthday Dark Eldar   Sun Nov 06 2011, 01:04

I've really lagged painting up the new stuff as I've been playing with my old painted DE army for years. I've managed to purchase a rather large number of most of the new models. I really enjoy painting and have found the line to be a real treat that gets to be more fun with each model that I paint.

I've been very pleased with the release of nearly every model in the codex during the first year(!). I don't use special characters all that much and haven't been bitten by the Voidraven bug, so haven't really missed the models that they haven't released. All of the models are beautiful that have been made. The worst models (coven) are still fantastic and a joy to paint, although I will be the first to bitch about Grotesques getting ONE pose with those stupid fat feet...Overall I would have to say that they have been my favorite army from a model standpoint that GW has ever produced.

I'm still happy with the codex from a list standpoint after the first year. I feel that it can still go toe to toe with any of the latest and greatest. In the right hands this army is a rewarding tactical challenge that favors finesse and evil cunning. I usually play with whatever old army I have that has updated rules for a month or two before playing another old stand bye army. I can honestly say that I've only played my beloved Orks once at an Apocalypse event where they needed all Ork players. The new codex has offered so many builds and choices that even a person like me with Army ADHD finds it fun to field.

I would say from a painting, collecting, and rules standpoint this is the best that GW has ever done. Happy Re-birthday to all of the Archons of Commorragh.


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PostSubject: Re: Happy Birthday Dark Eldar   Sun Nov 06 2011, 01:41

It's funny that I finally succumbed to temptation so close to the 1 year mark. I'm really excited about building, but not exactly sure what direction I'm going in for painting (hence no blog yet). I'm going to base mine on air raids, so you know I'm excited about Voidravens Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Birthday Dark Eldar   Mon Nov 07 2011, 08:17

I think that we have one of the most cohesive and flexible codexes currently available, certainly one of the best written, and the choices offered by our army are huge.

The models have been outstanding so far and I have not been able to resist getting most of them, and in multiple numbers, too. I have way too many half-painted still, but at least I am making progress and my painting is definitely getting better. I love converting with this range.

I wish I could play more games so that I could take better advantage of such a great army. And I am really looking to 6th ed. and stacking this army up against all the other new ones on the horizon in 2012 and beyond.
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Birthday Dark Eldar   Mon Nov 07 2011, 08:31

I've celebrated by opening my boxes and checking components. It all looks to be intact! Assembling the blighters is going to be the next step. I've also decided that for 'new' armies that I will wait until the 2nd wave as otherwise I don't know what's available.
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Urien Rakarth
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Birthday Dark Eldar   Mon Nov 07 2011, 13:45

It's been a great year for Dark Eldar. Really enjoyed the new models and just added a Talos to my list of available models. Just got to put together my unit of Harlequins now. Done a year of mech so might make this next year my year of WWP.
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Birthday Dark Eldar   Tue Nov 08 2011, 02:47

I couldn't agree with the rest of you more, we have one of the best and most balanced armies. Beautiful models and a great community, I only have 1500 points worth of models (although playable is only 1250) and am hoping to get more come cristmas Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Happy Birthday Dark Eldar   Tue Nov 08 2011, 04:12

I was new to the Dark Eldar with this release. I knew very little about them before and had no intrest in them, but after seeing their models and reading some of their backgound story I just had to get them.

Got off to a slow start putting stuff together, I was going in for a spinal surgery in mid Dec and thought I'd have alot of sitting time to put models together; little did I know after surgery I couldnt sit for some time ><

That just gave me alot of time to pace about the room and flip through the Codex thinking of custom conversions. Not being able to sit also broke the grip WOW had tugged on my Soul so more time to the Dark Eldar.

Back on topic I love where the range is at right now. All the plastic kits are so interchangeable and make for a modeling dream. So many of our unit choices with real models make for a real great army. Only thing that would make the release perfect in my eyes is if Wracks were plastic (I'd field 6 units for sure!)

I have gotten a ton of models assembled / converted / painted with a base coat, a wash and a few highlights. So far I've gotten 2x9 Wyches, 2x10 Wracks (9 being custom converts) 10 Incbui,a Talos, a Chronos and a Ravager, 2x5 Scourge, a Beastpack, 10 Trueborn w/ Carbines, an Archon and his Court, and multiple Haemons done to this standard. Just working on finishing touches and then need to paint 4 Raiders and a Venom and figure out what sort of basing would go best for the army. I'm very happy with the army and feel its the best one I have ever built thus far. Enjoying it much more than any previous Warhammer army.

Now just to finish the last few models and actually see some games with this force.
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Birthday Dark Eldar   Sun Nov 13 2011, 12:25

its sort funny to think about it,i have just started a Dark Eldar army a year after it was redone(for those wondering,i chose the Kabal of The Wraithkind),i remember ages ago everyone complaining about the old codex-not sure why as tyranids old codex was way worse in the current rules.

previously i had no interest in DE,i started with lord of the rings in 2001 and then got into 40k with tyranids in 2005-6 and then space marines when i got sick of them dying so easily,and then started DE when i saw how easily Eldar could take out my Salamanders (i seem to like the 'evil' armies more-tyranids,necrons although i havent started necrons,but whwn i do a 4th army it will be them)

i find it funny that i complain how weak tyranids are and then i ended up with an army that basically everything is toughness 3,but i will say this Dark Eldar are weak but fast,and unlike any other army ive used,weather i win or lose i have had so much more fun playing with DE than any other army (and also more success in games)

Kabal - The Wraithkind

army started on 28/10/2011

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Happy Birthday Dark Eldar
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