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 medusae and their uses

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PostSubject: medusae and their uses    Tue Nov 07 2017, 22:29

A ynnari army just took top place at blood and glory, and while it was made up of mostly craft world units, they did take a number of medusae within their ranks.

An interesting choice, and one I don't often see thrown around in these parts. I'm assuming that it was mainly due to their great soul burst potential in a similar way to clawed fiendscan be used to proc, but not to be sneezed at either is their shooting. Which we have seen recently is one of our best point for point anti infantry weapons (when it is in range).

Drukhari or Ynnari army, are the medusa worth reconsidering now?
A venom with an Archon+ blaster and 4medusa anyone?
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PostSubject: Re: medusae and their uses    Tue Nov 07 2017, 23:01

I tried them last week, i had two. They were pretty fun! problem was trying to find targets once everything was locked in combat ( i ran a beast monster army)

They arent in my revised list, but thats because i needed more DL and wanted to keep my melee. I think they will be more viable once we get the webway back

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PostSubject: Re: medusae and their uses    Wed Nov 08 2017, 07:04

They are not an auo include, but if you usually fight marines they can be well worth their points.
In regular dark eldar I would not build anything around them just ad some if I have the points left. I don't play ynnari, but speaking without experience they become a lot better, since they are easy to proc soulburst with and both cheap and usefull if they do not. It is one of those models that can deal quite some damage if ignored, but cannot be reduced in effectiveness without causing soulburst.
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PostSubject: Re: medusae and their uses    Fri Nov 10 2017, 15:44

Do you have a link to the actual list? My guess is he just used it to fill up elite slots on the cheap and to have single body units for SfD.

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PostSubject: Re: medusae and their uses    

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medusae and their uses
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