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 Why are Kabalite Bayonets flat?

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PostSubject: Why are Kabalite Bayonets flat?   Fri Nov 03 2017, 21:54

The question is fairly simple. Universally, the Bayonets present on Splinter Rifles take the form of, presumably monomolecular, blades. However, triangular bayonets have been shown to be the most effective for rifles, so much so that they are banned from modern warfare.

A harder to stich wound, much wider to cause far more blood loss, and presumably, larger amounts of agony from the victim.

Given that the Kabalites already have knifes as well, it can't be to serve a dual purpose.

Perhaps the reduced level of bloodloss is advantageous? Better chances for the target to live, more cargo to return to the Eternal city? Perhaps the shape of the blade is irrelevant, it's the toxins on it that do the real damage? Outlandish as it maybe seem, could it be that in the eyes of the model designer, a knife was more aesthetically pleasing?
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PostSubject: Re: Why are Kabalite Bayonets flat?   Sat Nov 04 2017, 04:00

The latter, clearly. Put triangular bayonets on these things and you end up with that being bulkier than the barrel, looking goofy.

Toxins would also make sense.

But quite a few of the bayonets are sedated. Rip into someone with that and the medic's not gonna have much luck trying to fix the internals.

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PostSubject: Re: Why are Kabalite Bayonets flat?   Tue Nov 14 2017, 22:40

Most likely the model designer hadn't even thought of that.

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PostSubject: Re: Why are Kabalite Bayonets flat?   Wed Nov 15 2017, 02:45

It is a form of meta torture. It keeps people like you wondering, with this nagging curiosity...
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PostSubject: Re: Why are Kabalite Bayonets flat?   Wed Nov 15 2017, 21:15

And how do they still hit on a 3+ w such a large bayonet on their rifle? Did they just eat the soul of a vindicator assassin?
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PostSubject: Re: Why are Kabalite Bayonets flat?   Thu Nov 16 2017, 00:29

Style points.

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PostSubject: Re: Why are Kabalite Bayonets flat?   

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Why are Kabalite Bayonets flat?
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