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 Bikes...but which ones?

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PostSubject: Bikes...but which ones?   Thu Oct 26 2017, 02:55

So, I have a spot in my list reserved for jetbikes, both of which will be doing the job of seeking out light units and characters to kill. My question is, has anyone run the math on Reavers vs. Skyweavers? I can run Six Reavers with Two Grav-Talons or Three Skyweavers with Zephyrglaives. Which one is considered better?
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PostSubject: Re: Bikes...but which ones?   Thu Oct 26 2017, 03:17

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PostSubject: Re: Bikes...but which ones?   Thu Oct 26 2017, 07:00

Skyweavers all the way.

You have better shooting against nearly every target except monsters.
You have slightly less attacks, but at a higher ap which makes it roughly eqeavalent against marines, but if you are hunting characters or small units of bikers etc the double wounds push it again in favour of the skyweavers.
Defensively the skyweavers are slightly better or nearly eqeal if you give the reavers the thoughness drugs. ( 9 wounds vs 12, but at -1 to hit and 4++ makes a lot of difference) expecially since a lot of the cheaper multiwound melee weapons I came across deal 2 wounds.
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PostSubject: Re: Bikes...but which ones?   Thu Oct 26 2017, 07:17

Skyweavers, until reavers gets a cost reduction (maybe..) in the new dex.

+ only 2-3 reavers won't do the job. For characters hunting I'd recommand at least 6 with 2 heat lance, but the price is way too high.. But it can also surrond vehicules & blow them up with their miniatures inside.

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PostSubject: Re: Bikes...but which ones?   Thu Oct 26 2017, 09:04

Sadly.... Shiny Spears are better Skyweavers with the new Eldar Codex, they IMO (having play both many times in 8th) are equal to each other in the Index, where Skyweavers can move farther and still shoot and melee, even on turn one. Shiny Spears still with a 4++ has way more damage than Skyweavers (dbl if not triple damage).

But out of Reavers and Skyweavers? Skyweavers are leaps and bounds better than Reavers, yes Reavers are 3 models vs 2 models, but those 2 models are 4++ and -1 to hit with Shurikens.

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PostSubject: Re: Bikes...but which ones?   

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Bikes...but which ones?
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