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 is my build good?

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PostSubject: is my build good?    Wed Oct 25 2017, 18:58

first i want to appologise for my inglish, i am french canadien so im not the best.

ok so me and a couple fiends have started a narative campaigne and we each picked a different army to raise from the starter set to a full army of destruction and death. i picked the drukhari because the models look amazing and i like there combat style.

we are now at month 2 and we can make a 28 points army and with that i have:

- 2 squads of kabalite warriors
- 1 talos
- 1 raider
- 1 squad of reavers
next month i can add about 20 points to it so is what i have good for the points i have and what should i add to it for next month.

ps: i dont ynnari
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PostSubject: Re: is my build good?    Wed Oct 25 2017, 19:20

I don't really do power point builds, so take that into consideration with my thoughts.

Your current army looks okay. I think the biggest issue you have is that one of your Warrior squads will have to walk since both can't fit in the Raider.

Expanding your army for next month, I would think at least one more Raider and maybe 1-2 Ravagers would be a very good investment. That would be 22 additional points.


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PostSubject: Re: is my build good?    Thu Oct 26 2017, 00:00

you should get some hq's i mean lists are kinda built around them i recommend succubus and/or the archon
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PostSubject: Re: is my build good?    Thu Oct 26 2017, 01:13

Well with PP's You should also look at units that do lots of upgrades and come at a low point investment since top upgrades aren't taken into consideration.

Ravagers are the same PP whether they go dark lances or disintegrators.

A fully loaded trueborn squad with 2 blasters and 2 dark lances, again only 5 PP
Same with scourges which do that better than trueborn for 1 more point...

But if you really want to rock your narrative event, go for Razorwing flocks. They are still the beastly, amazing unit they started out as since they still only cost 1 power point for 3. For 20 PP, that is 60 flocks. If you got them, do them
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PostSubject: Re: is my build good?    Thu Oct 26 2017, 07:17

I agree with most of the above.

Taking a small squad of razorwing flocks is a great addition for some cheap throw away unit and deep strike denial.

It seems like you need some anti tank as well, so at least one ravager makes sense.

Take an HQ, since you do not have a HQ yet it might be time to get one. The heamy is right now the best option, but since you have few coven units you migh also wish one of the others. If you like the looks of one type more then others (I am not a huge fan of the way coven looks) I advice to go with that HQ, the codex is not yet out so what is effective can change a lot, and you will need more HQs afterwards anyway, so you can always buy the other hq later if they prove very effective.

This leaves you with enough points left to buy another transport and a few points to spare. Or you could go for a small unit instead, but pick a unit that does not need a transport in that case (scourges for extra anti tank, or mandrakes who are great all rounders).

(edit) The gangs of commoragh mentioned below is a really good buy and if you want to go more cult heavy I highly recommend them at a later point, but right now you might need some more anti tank first I think.

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PostSubject: Re: is my build good?    Thu Oct 26 2017, 07:25

Same as above, recommanding 1 HQ (archon) or haemonculus if you want to go the talos way Smile and another raider.

Our footsmens are fragile, put them in a boat and they are faster & more resilient.

And honestly just go with miniatures you like. Often they'll play more or less according to their look and roles.

I'd recommand looking at scourges & mandrakes, as their ability to Deep strike (come into play when you want, where you want) will help you progress in your strategy skills.

Also if you are concerned with the price of the miniatures, there are threads for models equivalents (especially usefull for beasts, mandrakes & sslyths ; most of finecast stuff) to get alternative minis ; just go use the search engine of this forum.

I'd also recommand checking out gangs of comorragh (6 reavers & 10 hellions for 45€) wich really helps as a starter

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PostSubject: Re: is my build good?    Fri Oct 27 2017, 18:42

I really wouldn't recommend anyone starting out get hellions and reavers as both of the units are of suspect (at least debateable) usefulness. If you are brand new and building up an army I recommend you get some units that are ALWAYS useful, no matter the game mode.

With that being said, units you probably can't go wrong adding would be:

Ravagers - Efficient way to get dark lances on the table that the enemy has trouble removing

Razorwing Jet Fighter - similar to above, but also missiles and splinter dakka, and is FAST

Raiders / Venoms both are good options to get troops around, I think any shooty list is probably going to use some combination of these two. My personal list uses 3 raiders 2 venoms, but I don't have the right models and I would rather run 1/2 less to make room for another jetfighter.

Blaster/Dark Lance Trueborns, these are just squads of kabalites with more special weapon/heavy weapon density; similar to marine devastator squads. I personally love them; they are versatile.
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PostSubject: Re: is my build good?    

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is my build good?
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