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 So Cavash asked for some pictures...

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PostSubject: So Cavash asked for some pictures...   Sun Oct 22 2017, 22:09

Hi, so earlier this week, a discussion came up in the chat-box regarding edge highlighting and/or other ways of doing the Dark Eldar look.

I mentioned a method that I am quite prone to, that being the use of metallic coats followed by generous application of washes in all the right places, before painting any cloth or flesh independently.

After my description, our wonderful user Cavash requested some pictures.

So I took a couple, and now I'm uploading them.
Apologies in advance for the potato-photo-quality from my iPhone camera.

Some Kabalite Warriors

Some Scourges

Kaelis 'Ionahd, Mad Archon of Dannan Becareth

And what it looks like when I try edge-highlighting for comparison. (Drazhar, for those uninitiated)

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PostSubject: Re: So Cavash asked for some pictures...   Mon Oct 23 2017, 11:55

Shiny shiny *-*

Looks like a big patchwork but I like it, looks like a murderers rave party Twisted Evil

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So Cavash asked for some pictures...
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