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 DE VS new Guard

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PostSubject: DE VS new Guard   Tue Oct 10 2017, 09:07

Ok so had my weekly game last night. DE VS guard, used a new list last night with a slight difference to my usual list/s.

So the game was that cloak & shadows one, hidden objectives and -1 to hit on turn 1 for units over 18".

My list:

Archon; agoniser, PGL.

x2 Sslyth
x1 Medusae
x1 Lhamaen
x7 Mandrakes
x10 Heaktrix; Syern with agoniser then razors, hydra, shardnet (actually useless really) and grave lotus CD.

x3 10 Kab's with SC in Raider each (2 lances & 1 dissie)

Haemonculus; electro, stinger.

x1 Reaper
x2 Ravager's
x1 Tantalus

His list, was surprised when I saw the number of bodies as he has plenty of Russ' and he decided to do Valhallen.


Lord Commisar

Primaris psyker

some commander guys and command squads

Hellhammer with 4 sponsons

x3 Sentinels


Shed load of Vet's, norm's and conscripts

x3 HW teams (x6 las', 2 HB, 1 Auto).

So I got first turn, he dropped the stratagem to do a mortal wound on a 6 to all my stuff on the field, Raiders and such. Failed every single roll...

So I lanced two sentinels in one go each, Mandrakes dropped in a shot some peeps. Tantalus took out both Lascannon teams and then just popped some shots at the Hellhammer, wasn't really worried about it at this point, and kab's and that just shot where they could taking a good number of Guard. He failed several LD test and several ran, bonus as I had that cause enemy to fail LD so I got the highest on that as well as area denial.

I shan't drag on about objective cards to much here.

His first turn was terrible, Hellhammer was just over 18" of my Tantalus and did not fair well. Shot the mandrakes to death. He did a couple wounds here and there to Raiders and such but they were but a flesh wound. His conscripts flanked on with the Lord and then shot up my Ravager, did nothing... Like I say his first turn was abysmal. I'll cut it short there as not much happened.

Turn 2, Hellhammer on 6 wounds left, Valkyrie dead, pleanty of guard dead, Heaktri in combat with the conscripts and lord Com'. Went for it and just charged my Court into several squads, decided to have a laugh and not really worried.

His turn 2 again terrible, ish. Better sure. uses "Send in the next wave". Pops a Raider, Tantalus dies from sustained shooting, a single Heaktrii dead so far. One Ravager on 4 wounds and decides to charge his Helhhamer in to my court. Medusae dead, both Sslyth dead, Barry Scott (Heamonculus) fine, Archon and Lhamaen also ok. Charged Yarrick in at the Lhamaen, failed miserably. That's about it really.

Turn 3 Hellhammer dead, exploded and took plenty of guard, Barry Scott, Lhamaen, 3 wounds off Yarrick and a couple off his psyker and last Sentinel. Shot up Yarrick with nearby Kab's and just generally shot up whatever. Hekatri have already killed all the conscripts and the Lord Com' by this point.

His turn 3. shot some stuff, no one really died from this. Smitey smited my Archon dead with the psyker and that's about it really, was sorta over for him really by this point.

Ended it here as it were late. Overall my 12pts to his 6.

told him to use Cadian next time, see how he fares with them. I'll report back on that one, should have my second Reaper painted and built by then.

Pain is the only universal constant. Pain is all. It is the key to creation and destruction both. Thus does he who masters pain become a god.
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PostSubject: Re: DE VS new Guard   Wed Oct 18 2017, 20:39

Well done. How is your experience with the reaper so far? I used 2 a couple of times now but it bothers me that is a heavy weapon. I stand still and it gets me sometimes in trouble. I would rather play the range game. I have rolled far more 5-6 then 1-2 so thats good.
What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: DE VS new Guard   Wed Oct 18 2017, 22:18

Reaper's can be hit and miss, so far though they have been great. In most of my games all I'll use a re-roll for is a Reaper's number of shots or my Tantalus' invul's. The secondary fire mode is great though only been used once.

Reapers have 2 extra wounds, better combat and potential better shooting yet cost 5 points less. Yes the HEAVY bit does nag me a lil'. But it's not weighed me down at all. If you were to run even just the one a lanced Ravager as back up, as well as more firepower, is never a bad option.

Pain is the only universal constant. Pain is all. It is the key to creation and destruction both. Thus does he who masters pain become a god.
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DE VS new Guard
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