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 1000 Point List - Beginner Friendly

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Dark Elf Dave

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PostSubject: 1000 Point List - Beginner Friendly   Thu Sep 28 2017, 15:15

Hi All

Looking to canvas some opinions from all of you.  If you would be kind enough to take a look at the following list I am planning, and let me know where I might be lacking.

This is a starter list that is going to be used for non-competitive play.  Perhaps something that can be expended on in stages, like adding a unit now and again.

Haemy - Electro Whip (83 points)

10 Kabalites - PGL, Shredder (81 points)
9 Wracks - Electro Whip, Liquifier Gun (119 points)

5 Trueborn - x2 Blasters (85 points)
5 Trueborn - x2 Blasters (85 points)

Razorwing Jetfighter - x2 Dark Lances, Twin Splinter Rifle (155 points)

Raider - Dark Lance, Shock Prow (116 points)
Raider - Dark Lance, Shock Prow (116 points)
Venom - Splinter Cannon, Twin Splinter Rifle (80 points)
Venom - Splinter Cannon, Twin Splinter Rifle (80 points)

1000 Points Total

There you go.  There is room to swap a few things.  The Shredder is in there because I had the points remaining.  I could drop a PGL and a Shock Prow and have a Blaster instead...but the Kabalite squad is AI and in some respects I just can't have Dark Lances and Blasters all over the place without getting a little bored.

I could also trade the Razorwing Jetfighter with a Ravager but I felt like in a small list like this, versatility would be a benefit.

What do you think everyone?  Also what unit would you be in a hurry to add to this list as it grows?
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1000 Point List - Beginner Friendly
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