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 Contemplations on the Shadowfield

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PostSubject: Re: Contemplations on the Shadowfield   Thu Sep 28 2017, 19:21

@Dark Elf Dave wrote:
I really like the Shadowfield and it is still one of the best saves in the game until it fails...and I am fine with that because you can't have your cake and eat it.

For anyone that has sat their Archon in front of 40 Bolter shots then shame on you lol!

True it would not be bolter shots but lasguns since as an order they can now fire at characters Razz
And a standard plasma vet squad with a heavy weapon will kill the archon "easily" at rapid fire range.

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PostSubject: Re: Contemplations on the Shadowfield   Thu Sep 28 2017, 20:16

@Vorl-Xoelanth wrote:
I think the Archon is fine with a basic 5+ armour save if the good invulnerable save fails. It means that they can get away with a lot but it discourages just using him to soak up firepower which doesn't make sense from a fluff perspective. If you get enough shots against him the shadow-field will inevitably fail. What he does need is better weapons and more 'cheats' up his sleeve in my opinion, to offset his relative lack of resilience (shadowfield excluded). He should be able to leave a group of lowly enemies who dare attack him as a pile of dust. He needs more esoteric wargear for sure, to make him more scary for the opponent. Right now he's a kabalite warrior with nice invulnerable save but offers little else.

I agree. Better wargear options and a better aura would be nice. The leadership buff he provides really doesn't go to far as most DE kabalite squads are minimal. Plus, even if we were all taking 10 man squads he couldn't fit in the raider to go with them.

It would be nice to command reroll the shadowfield save. Being able to do so wouldn't stop mass fire but, it would be nice against a lascannon or something.
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Contemplations on the Shadowfield
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