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 first game 500 point wych cult list

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PostSubject: first game 500 point wych cult list   Sat Sep 23 2017, 22:50

hey all,
for my first ever game tried to make a easy list as a core for my wych cult. any advise would be really nice. i got a lot more models, but since i am still learning the game i thought to start small and fluffy.

here it goes;
Patrol Detachment (Aeldari - Drukhari) [24 PL, 498pts]

Succubus [4 PL, 82pts]
Blast Pistol

Wyches [6 PL, 119pts]
Agoniser, Blast Pistol, Phantasm Grenade Launcher
6x Wych
Wych with Wych Weapon
Hydra gauntlets 3x

Hekatrix Bloodbrides [4 PL, 86pts]
3x Hekatrix Bloodbride
Hekatrix Bloodbride with Wych Weapon
Hydra gauntlets
Agoniser, Blast Pistol, Phantasm Grenade Launcher

Dedicated Transport
Raider [6 PL, 116pts]
Dark Lance, Shock Prow

Venom [4 PL, 95pts]
Splinter Cannon, Splinter Cannon

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PostSubject: Re: first game 500 point wych cult list   Mon Sep 25 2017, 13:19

At this point range, consider taking dissies on raider, might be more usefull.

Weapons wise : maybe switch agonisers for power swords, depending if the oponnent has the same toughness.
Also, if the opponent has many multi wounds miniatures (bikers, etc.) consider shardnet & impaler (2dmg each).

Other advices & gameplay :
Also don't forget to assign drugs (different each time, for wyches bloodbrides and succubus), recommanded +1A, +1S, +2mov (or +1WS for Succubus if you wanna fight before turn 3).

Also dont' forget to shoot pistols during your shooting phase, EVEN (& especially) if you're locked into melee. Blast pistols makes wonders.

Shooting phase : don't forget PGL, and also the fact that you can use grenades (D6 shots something).

You are pretty vulnerable with fall backs and another unit shooting at you. Don't forget to use their special rules to dice duel if they can fall back ; note that one unit of wyches can "lock" multiples units, but multiples wyches units locking one unit still result in one dice duel, not one per wyches unit.

Good luck, have fun Smile

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PostSubject: Re: first game 500 point wych cult list   Tue Sep 26 2017, 06:11

I really love PGL, but on wyches it does not work that well for me. You have both a blast pistol and a pgl. But you can only shoot 1 a turn. After turn 1 or 2 you will be in cc and unable to shoot the pgl.
Most of the time you will wish to shoot the blast pistol (which means you cannot shoot the pgl, since you can shoot either all pistols or all other weapons)

I would depending on your opponent also advise +1 toughness buff.

I find I rarely like the power swords, for me agonisers are much more reliable, to much high t models around.

The dissy is a good point, expecially since you have 3 other s8 weapons for that walker/vehicle they might bring.
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PostSubject: Re: first game 500 point wych cult list   

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first game 500 point wych cult list
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