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 New to Drukhari and 8th, need help with list

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PostSubject: New to Drukhari and 8th, need help with list   Wed Sep 20 2017, 08:30

I've recently taken up 40k again after failing with chaos in 7th edition. I decided I would start playing Dark Eldar because they look really cool. Problem is, I have no idea what units are good or the strategies involved with the army, so I have no idea how to build a list.

These are the current models I have:

- 1 x Archon
- 1 x Haemonculus
- 10 x Kabalite Warriors
- 3 x Reavers
- 1 x Razorwing Jetfighter
- 5 x Incubi
- 4 x Raiders
- 3 x Venoms

One of the guys are my club is selling his old Dark Eldar and these are the models I can buy off of him:

- 1 x Archon
- 20 x Kabalite Warriors
- 20 x Wyches
- 10 x Scourges
- 2 x Razorwing Jetfighter
- 10 x Trueborn

Any tips from experienced 8th edition players? Thanks
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PostSubject: Re: New to Drukhari and 8th, need help with list   Wed Sep 20 2017, 13:31

It's questions like this that made me write a Tactica back in 5th edition.

You're asking a very broad question that basically amounts to 'how do I play the army'. So here's a very broad based answer;

DE are fast, fragile, tend to be good at shooting, tend to be okay at assault.
We maximize efficiency in a mid/short-range shooting battle.
We tend to have trouble with horde lists but tend to be very good against elite/monster/mech lists.
Our most functional shooting tool is the Dark Lance and Blaster, which eats armor and multiple wounds for breakfast. The Dissie is also quite good. Ravagers are amazing as tools to bring special weapons, as is the Jetfighters and their cheap payload.
Warriors or Trueborn with Blasters in a vehicle tend to be our army backbone.
Our HQs are okay, but tend to be on the pricey side - the best assault one is the Succubus, the best shooting one is the Archon, the Haem is kind of the 'all rounder' who does bring some nice anti-psyker tech. None of their bubbles are that amazing but all have their uses.
Our assault units are varied, and all suffer from being easy to shoot apart, Incubi are best against armored foes, Beasts are best vs. Hordes, Wyches are the most affordable and are okay versus either option.
Reavers tend to be too pricey for what they can do.
Hellions are great, but very fragile for their points.
Mandrakes are a decent surprise shooting unit.
Scourges are a great and affordable way to get special weapons on the board, give them Blasters or Dark Lances, drop them in, and blast stuff.
Raiders and Venoms are great, avoid the s.cannon upgrade on the Venom.

Hope that helps.
You can also always go and look at other lists in the army build forum for ideas on how to build a functional army.
Hope you enjoy playing the Dark Kin!


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PostSubject: Re: New to Drukhari and 8th, need help with list   Thu Sep 21 2017, 12:48

IF you are serious in getting started with WH40K again I would suggest ... BUY ALL!
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PostSubject: Re: New to Drukhari and 8th, need help with list   

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New to Drukhari and 8th, need help with list
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