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 Power from Pain

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The Strange Dark One
The Strange Dark One

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PostSubject: Re: Power from Pain   Wed Sep 20 2017, 01:17

I think looking back to 5th edition the intention was to have a reward for causing casualties. In an interview it was stated that DE can potentially become stronger over the course of the game when played right.

The design of awarding pain tokens to DE units that killed something was the consequence. But if we remember, pain tokens rarely did anything (as they didn't work on Venoms) and it was a pain to keep track of them. It's clear why GW simply chose to go for a "power from patience" table instead. And honestly, this is the easiest solution that keeps the game flowing.

However, if we want something that is fluffy and mimics the original mechanic of pain tokens this is done best via CPs. With CP you can use Strategems or unit specific abilities. Awarding CPs could be on a model basis (e.g. gain a CP on a 5+ for infantry), which would help against horde armies. Maybe this mechanic could also resolve around using Splinter weapons as they are not intended to kill after all.

Example for unit specific abilities:
Mandrakes could be cheaper, but melee only and require a CP to use their (stronger) Baleblast (similar to 5th). Kabalite Warriors could gain a second round of shooting but at 4+ BS. Or Wyches gain +1 WS and +1A for a turn.
Those are just ideas, the strength of such abilities would need to be assessed individually.

A power from pain mechanic should be simple and effective. If you really want to have a fluffy system that rewards you for killing, then this is best by tying it with already existing mechanic of the game. After all, you need to explain this to your opponent and I'd rather not spend 10 minutes explaining how pfp works.

Note: I am not tryint to push for a CP approach but I think realistically we only have the choice between a CP based mechanic or pain tables. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Edit 2: Think about it, how many units really benefit from PfP in its current form? Some lists have no melee units, while most I've seen have around 2-3. The power of the current table could be easily mimiced with special rules and Strategems. But on top, I think the re-roll for charges/advancing should be on all of our units anyway, as a replacement for Fleet.

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PostSubject: Re: Power from Pain   Wed Sep 20 2017, 03:42


Really well said The Strange Dark One , totally agree!
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PostSubject: Re: Power from Pain   Wed Sep 20 2017, 04:22

Agree with TSDO. Completely won over by their reasoning and bribe of rerolling advance/charge.
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PostSubject: Re: Power from Pain   

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Power from Pain
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