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 It always pay to talk to GW

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PostSubject: It always pay to talk to GW   Fri Sep 15 2017, 20:25

Told GW about some improvements that harlequins could use.

Namely, Sky/Void Weavers.

Gave GW so advice and they said this https://imgur.com/A5krnAW "Hey - you make some interesting points! Great feedback; so good, in fact, we will pass that straight to the studio for you."

I'm thinking about doing a tactics video on Quins when i get more of my models painted, we are starting a video channel soon, (we are still filming and editing, its very time consuming with just 2 people tho)

New to Blogging, just starting https://maddpaint.blogspot.com/

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PostSubject: Re: It always pay to talk to GW   Fri Sep 15 2017, 23:20

Awesome!  Thats pretty cool.  I like the new GW.  Its great that they are interacting with the community like this.  Now one of us just needs to get a job at GW lol.  Really get some influence muahahahaha

Look at what ad mech is getting.  CWE has gotta be getting ridiculous stuff too.  I am excited.  Harlequins are definitely going to have insane stratagems.  Just look at all the crazy stuff they have to work with already with movement and assault tricks and invulns etc...

Its a whole new 8th edition world.

I would love to see some more illusion stuff with harlequins.  Maybe more replacing units with other units or something.  It just doesnt seem as flushed out as it should be as just an invuln save.  They are the tricksters.

For instance you could set up a unit of players that is actually something else or maybe you actually have more models than you are placing or something. Maybe you set up two versions of the unit and one is an illusion. I dont know, just something.
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PostSubject: Re: It always pay to talk to GW   Sun Sep 24 2017, 10:17

In Guild Wars you have a class, called the mesmer. His strength are Illusions and Trickery. Actually there are many thing which could be implemented for the Harlequins.

Psychic Power: Target an enemy infantry unit. Until the next Psychic Phase if the unit tries to move, to shoot, to charge or to fight in close combat roll a D6 for every model in the unit. On a 5+/6+ that model takes a mortal wound. The minds of the soldiers are confused and take friends for foes.

Stratagem: Set up an Marker (best is a Harlequins Model) within 12" of an enemy unit. Every action that unit does has to be made against that Marker. It is an Illusion that taunts the closest enemy unit to attack it. Can be activated before the enemy turn starts. Marker is removed at the end of enemy´s turn.

Stratagem: Fog of War. A friendly Harlequins unit and every other character model within 3" get a -1 to hit for enemy attacks in the fight phase. I always think they act a bit like the drunken master. Razz

Stratagem: Void Blast: Let a friendly void weaver shoot with a void loaded charge. In the next charge phase that unit cannot fire overwatch. That is quiet cheesy.

Stratagem: Present from the other World. If a friendly Masque unit falls back or if an enemy unit falls back that turn. Roll a D6, on a 5+ that unit suffers 1/D3 Mortal wounds.

Just my 2 cents on that matter. Unfortunately I don´t know where to hand in those Ideas.

Furthermore I would like to see a Troup Master on a Jet Bike as much as an Shadowseer.



P.S.: Yet another cool Stratagem: If a friendly Masque unit falls back it leaves an Illusion behind so that the enemy unit is still in combat until the beginning of the players next turn.
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PostSubject: Re: It always pay to talk to GW   

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It always pay to talk to GW
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