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 Best Drug/Unit combinations

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PostSubject: Best Drug/Unit combinations   Wed Sep 06 2017, 10:57

If one wants to run a wych cult themed army, and you are choosing drugs, then you will be going to try and getting the most value by assigning the right drug to the right unit.

For the purposes of this discussion, I would like to ask everyone to put aside how good or bad they think various wych cult units are. the primary goal here is to work out where to put our drugs after we have gone past the + S + A options and we are assuming that you are assigning all of the drugs. Razz

So, as I see it:

+1 Attack: Basic Wyches, Hellions, Reavers. All of these units get +50% increase in damage output from this, and 2 of them are rocking S 4 already. Less good on Bloodbrides. Wasted on Succubus and Beastmaster.

+1 Strength: Bloodbrides. More attacks than wyches, this increases their output considerably. Most other units benefit too. Never put this on Reavers (who are at a set strength, so it is wasted on them), nor beastmasters (who are probably wielding an agonizer). Probably don't want it on a Succubus either, though could be nice to chew through T3 infantry.

+1 Toughness: Reavers. the difference between T 4 and T 5 is pretty huge. Noone suffers from getting this, but Reavers love it a lot.

+2 Speed: Pretty much anything except Beastmaster benefits (don't want to outrun your beasts), but I will be interested in seeing what people think is the best choice for this one.

+2 Leadership: BEASTMASTER! because it bubbles! All the beasties get the bonus! Large squads of Wyches are the second good option.

+1 Weaponskill: Um... I think, um... Reavers because they are fast enough to reliably hit combat by turn 2, the one turn it will be useful for? I got nothing here guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Best Drug/Unit combinations   Wed Sep 06 2017, 11:25

+1 Attack: Basic Wyches, Hellions, Reavers.
Completely agree.

+1 Strength: Bloodbrides.
I would add hellions here as well. Against all those t5 bikes, and t8 tanks (which don't hit back giving you a chance to survive) those multiple wounds are quite nice. And the s4 to 5 makes as much (or even bigger vs t8) impact as the extra attack.

+1 Toughness: Reavers. Is pretty good everywhere. wyches can really become a tarpit, without it they can often die to fast if the enemy has more than a handfull of attacks.

+2 Speed: Succubus, she does not need the other drugs as badly as others and it means she can keep her bubble where it is needed even if she did not fit in the transport since we got stupid transport sizes. Also reavers for turn 1 charges.
And strangely enough I had some ok use on a small wych unit, that did not get a transport. 45 points of a mobile melee tarpit

+2 Leadership: BEASTMASTER! large wych squads

+1 Weaponskill: useless. usually give it to the smallest cheapest squad (often a succubus sometimes a beastmaster) and write it down as a cost to pick the juicy drugs on more important squads.
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PostSubject: Re: Best Drug/Unit combinations   Wed Sep 06 2017, 12:54

+1 Attack: Pretty much anything, though I tend to favor Wych squads.

+1 Strength: This is, for most things, the slightly less good option of the above. I tend to put it on Wyches also, though sometimes Hellions will get the nod. Never really worth it for Beastmasters or Succubi. I don't get the Bloodbride concept, because who would ever take Bloodbrides over Wyches unless you were playing power levels, and then why take Wyches?  Very Happy

+1 Toughness: Like the above posters, I favor Reavers here.

+2 Speed: Good for Wyches, Hellions, or Reavers.

+2 Leadership: I consider this the real dump drug. Beastmaster or maybe large squads of Hellions/Wyches

+1 Weapon Skill: I find it useful on the Succubus, who I usually get stuck in early, to off set the Glaive penalty. There is probably some limited use for Wyches, Hellions, and Reavers against certain enemy wargear effects that lower WS, but that's about it.


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PostSubject: Re: Best Drug/Unit combinations   Thu Sep 07 2017, 00:12

ooooooh I have been trying to broach this topic for weeks since drug modularity allows you to change your army RADICALLY to deal with different enemies on the fly. I've laid these out in order of priority since I always want to take all the drugs.

+1 Attack: Wyches
+2 Movement: Succubus, Reavers, Hellions
+1 Strength: Hellions, Succubus,
+2 Leadership: Beastmaster
+1 Weapon Skill: Beastmaster, Hellions, Reavers
+1 Toughness: Reavers, Hellions, Wyches, Succubus

Bloodbrides aren't ever worth taking.

Succubus speed is real fun generally, Reavers if you're going to run around the board.

Strength on Hellions because S5 is better than any of the other options especially since they do 2 damage per inflicted wound and S5 is one of those barrier values where interactions radically change. Succubus is usually my alt if I take speed Reavers and deal with the rippled changes that induces.

Leadership is useless except on a beastmaster and since my wych squads all cost 2 points more than a beastmaster I have 0 qualms about taking 1 or 2 as drug tax.

Weapon skill goes on a second beastmaster because everything that will be able to close fast enough to care is taking a utility hit by taking this drug.

Reavers take Toughness unless I am giving them speed in which case hellions will usually get it so that they become mid-speed reavers. In that sort of game if wyches get out of their boat the momentum has already swung one way or the other.

Wyches and hellions have the best body to cost ratios for units worth taking and since Hellions benefit from other drugs more I usually give this to wyches.
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PostSubject: Re: Best Drug/Unit combinations   Thu Sep 07 2017, 01:06

Oh man, this brings me back a couple months to when we were still figuring out exactly how drug choice works. I agree with pretty much everything that's already been said, but I'd like to add another question into the mix.

In what order do you give out drugs?

For me, I almost always want +1T on reavers and +1S on Hellions, so I'll do those first, then whatever else, with wyches last and I'll probably be doing random rolling if I've already given the good drugs out. 5-man units go before 10-man units, as I feel like 10 man could still benefit from +2 LD, even if just slightly.

If I have ~10 units taking drugs, I always use a 5 or 10 man wych squad as the drug tax. and then hand out the premium goods after. Otherwise if it's like right at 7 or 8, I'll usually roll for random drugs for wyches because I think your chances are better than if you did the drug tax.

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PostSubject: Re: Best Drug/Unit combinations   Thu Sep 07 2017, 09:25

Depends a bit on who I am fighting and what I have in my army.
Usually Attack and thoughness go first
Str and movement next
Ld and ws are a tax and ar last.

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PostSubject: Re: Best Drug/Unit combinations   Thu Sep 07 2017, 09:37

+1 A: Hellions
+1 T: Reavers
+2 Mv: Succubus / Lelith
+1 S: Wyches
+2 Ld: Beastmaster
+1 Ws: Hellions, reavers or Succubus

My thinking is the Hellions already have the +1 S and 2 D so the extra attack goes further. The extra toughness to make the reavers a little more tanky, this can help them eat an overwatch for another charging unit and increases their chance of surviving to the later game and grabbing objectives. Succubus get the bonus Mv as she runs behind the raider with the wyches in. Strength for the wyches to give them the extra punch they desperately need (and the HQ bubble means they re-rolling some misses which sort of acts like the +1 A drug). The Ld drug is obvious, and the Ws one I find the least useful.
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PostSubject: Re: Best Drug/Unit combinations   

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Best Drug/Unit combinations
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