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 1500 coven and craft

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PostSubject: 1500 coven and craft   Fri Sep 01 2017, 17:17

Hello everyone. This weekend im playing a few games with a group from my local gaming store. I will be facing a mix of space marines, both normal and spiky, as well as necrons and possibly one eldar player. We are playing 1500 points heres what im thinking about fielding.

2x Haemonculus w/ electro whips and hexrifles
2x. 5 wracks w/ electro whips, ossefactors and hexrifles
1x 5 wracks w/ venom blade, ossefactor and hexrifle
1x 5 warriors w/ blaster and pgl
1x 2 talos w/ twin liquifiers macro scalpel and haywire blasters (for necrons) or splinter pods
3x raider w/ darklace and shock prow
1x 4 grotesques
1x hemlock wraithfighter

Brings me to 1499
Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 coven and craft   Fri Sep 01 2017, 20:51

Get rid of the hexrifles. They are horrible. I know you want some sniping abilities, but face it, you won't kill anything worthy with it.

Change haywire blaster for normal blasters.
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 coven and craft   Sat Sep 02 2017, 01:41

I agree with the dude above, the low quantity of hexrifles we can bring makes them pretty useless. Those 55 points would get you another Kab Blaster squad which would do significantly more work.

Also, if you lose your Hemlock early due to good/bad rolls, you're boned against any amount of armor. You may want to consider scrapping the Grots/Talos for Lance or equivalents. Ravagers, Scourge, either of our flying vehicles are all good choices.

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 coven and craft   

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1500 coven and craft
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