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 Raider to starweaver

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PostSubject: Raider to starweaver   28/8/2017, 13:44

I was curious if people thought converting a raider to a starred very was able to be done? I have a bunch of players that need a ride and extra raiders. I was just thinking of a king off some of the spikier bit and adding some harlie masks and giving it a very harlequin esque paint job.

I am working on a ynnari army with a theme based around being space pirates flying through the Web way and real space killing all thing chaos (haven't figured it all out fluff wise but that is the gist of it)

Thanks in advance
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PostSubject: Re: Raider to starweaver   10/9/2017, 07:32

My suggestion is go for it! This is your hobby do whatever you want! Dark Eldar aren't the only beings who appreciate originality I think your idea is brilliant! Just be aware of the fact that from the most outrageously competitive perspective, you are making it harder to take advantage of terrain the larger the vehicle you bring to the tabletop. Unless you seriously pair the raider down it is going to be significantly larger than your average Starweaver. I don't think most players will mind playing against it though so if you're not that competitive don't think twice.

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PostSubject: Re: Raider to starweaver   11/9/2017, 14:32

Sounds like a lot of work but why not.

I'd recommand gathering starweavers harlies crew and weapons, and it could looks great.
Keep us informed if you go through Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Raider to starweaver   

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Raider to starweaver
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