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 What should I do from here?

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PostSubject: What should I do from here?   Sun Aug 27 2017, 02:33

Hello folks

So this is going to be a bit of a long winded post but I need some input from people who know what they are talking about. I am a long time ork player and am just getting into dark eldar this edition because I have always liked the models and wanted to mix it up a bit from the greenies.

I managed to pick up a whole army lot that goes a little something like

3 raiders
1 ravager
1 razor wing
1 voidraven
2 venom
2 archon
1 haemonculeus
20 kabs
9 reavers
10 blaster born
1 talos

15 players
2 shadowseer
2 deat jesters
2  skyweavers
2 troupe master
1 solitaire

And the full triumverate

My question is where should I go from here? I got a pretty good deal on the lot and the last couple $ I had set aside for this project I would like to round out the list. I don't have much money left over probably 50$ or so but will set aside some more in a month or two. Should I get a star weaver for a troupe, or maybe some scourges? I really don't know. I am attempting to play some much different from orks general game play and I would describe myself as a semi competitive player in a semi competitive to competitive environment (no cheese and we have a tournament or two every couple of months). I feel what I have at the moment is lacking in overall darklance firepower and cc cohesion but again I havent played with them yet just been trying to get everything assembled and painted and reading as many threads as I can.

Thanks in advance
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PostSubject: Re: What should I do from here?   Sun Aug 27 2017, 07:31

For your first purchase after this, I'd recommend a box or two of Kabalites. Looking at this, you have 50 spots avaliable on transports and only 30-35 people to fill them. A box of Kabs (even Wyches too, probably), will help you garner CPs more easily, and give you a nice core force to expand on. Scourges are an excellent choice for AT, and synergize very well with Ynnarri, but as you have a two fliers and a Ravager, AT isn't an immediate concern for you. I don't play Harlequins, but a Starweaver or two would certainly be a worthwhile choice. If you're not opposed to taking in Eldar allies, a Farseer Skyrunner will give you a mobile HQ with Doom, something that will add a very useful force multiplier to your offensive output. All of these options should be avaliable for under $50. For longer term purchases, I'd recommend another Ravager or two, Scourges, and some Beasts, particularly Clawed Fiends, Khymera, and of course a Beastmaster. The GW models for the Beasts are, honestly, unimpressive molds cast in unimpressive finecast, with an even more unimpressive price tag. It's easy to convert a Hellion to the Beastmaster, and there's plenty of guides here, and other places on the Internet, on kit bashing some unique and terrifying monstrosities for your force.

Overall, I think you have a very decent core force here! The playstyles between Orks and DE are different in a lot of ways (we usually play something akin to a mechanized Kult of Speed), so if you haven't done so already, hopping into the tactics and listbuilding sections will help make the most of the models you have. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: What should I do from here?   Mon Aug 28 2017, 15:17

Thanks for the great response! My plan is to have a 1850 pts list ready for November for a tournament a local shop is holding.
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PostSubject: Re: What should I do from here?   

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What should I do from here?
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