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 Warhammer : invasion

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PostSubject: Warhammer : invasion   Warhammer : invasion I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 25 2017, 00:40

Hello everyone.
This is something i came up with a while ago, it's basically a new scenario for W40k, that twists the game quite a lot.
It all started from the following observation : going first is broken in the current game. No matter what tactical objectives you're using, the first player has a huge advantage, so this set up aims to make life a little harder for players that get lucky on the roll off Smile

Attacker and Defender
In Warhammer : Invasion, there is an attacker, and a defender. Those roles can be assigned by a roll-off, or by consulting the following chart. The most agressive army takes the offensive role. In case of tie, roll-off.

Agressive Armies : Orks - Dark Eldar - Harlequins - Chaos Demons - Tyrannids
Balanced Armies : Space Marines - Necrons - Chaos Space Marines - Grey Knights
Defensive armies : Imperial Guards - Eldar Craftworlds - T'au - Adeptus Mecanicus

Preparing the game
The defender player can set up the terrains in his deployment zone, and in the No Man's Land. The attacking player can set up his deployment zone. No terrain can be placed less than 12" from another terrain, unless doing otherwise is not possible. The terrains are split between the players : 66% goes to the defensive player (who has to split them equally between his zone and the neutral zone), the attacker takes the remaining 33%.
After setting up terrain, but before deployment, the 3 objectives for the game are rolled. Those are the attacker's objectives. If he succeeds more than half of them, he wins the game. If he fails to do so, the defender wins the game. Note that this is the only way to win the game : if the defender loses all his units, but the attacker fails to achieve 2 objectives, the defender wins the game (this is called the Glorious Sacrifice). The objectives are rolled on the table i will include at the end of the rules. To spice things up a bit, 5 objectives can be rolled on a common consensus. The attacker has to complete 3.

Deployment, and going first
The defending player deploys his first unit, then it's "one unit at a time".
When all units are deployed, the attacker goes first.

Nothing special, this plays normally. Pay attention to special objectives, though.

End of the game
The game normally lasts 6 turns. Some special notions :
- Sabotage : any unengaged infantry model that ends its moving phase within 6" of this objective can Sabotage/Defuse it instead of shooting and charging. If this objective is Sabotaged at the beginning of the Attacker's turn, it explodes, and counts as a completed objective.
- Holding objectives : same as holding objectives in the current game.

Tactical objectives :
Roll 2d6 for every objective.
- 2 : The Teleportation Gate : the Defender choses a terrain that becomes The Teleportation Gate. At the end of each one of his turns, the Defender can spend 2 CP to call reinforcements from the Gate, putting back a unit that was destroyed during the game. The Attacker may charge the Gate as if it was a unit. If he succeeds the charge, the unit that charged counts as destroyed, but the Gate is infiltrated and the objective is won.
- 3 : The Monument : the Defender choses a terrain that becomes The Monument. It has 25 wounds, T8 and 3+ save. The attacker must destroy it to claim this objective. The monument can be sabotaged, which inflicts 10 wounds to it.
- 4 : Point of Interest : the Attacker designates a Point of Interest in the Defender's Deployment Zone. If he controls that objective at the end of the game, this Objective is won.
- 5 : Kill the VIP : The attacker choses a Character in the Defender's army. He wins this objective if that model is dead at the end of the game.
- 6 : Breaching invasion : The attacker wins this objective if he has any unit withing 12" of the Defender's table edge at the end of the game.
- 7 : Hold the grounds : 3 tactical objectives are placed by the defender in the Neutral Zone. If the attacker holds more of these than the defender does at the end of the game, he wins this objective. Defender's units within 6" of those objectives can reroll moral rolls.
- 8 : Telecommunication relay : the attacker must sabotage this objective. If this objective is intact at the end of the 5th turn, the defender can spend 2 CP to end the game immediatly (he may still lose).
- 9 : Destroy their forces : if the defender player has less than 25% of his unit count at the end of the game, the attacker wins this objective.
- 10 : The Aviation Hangar : The Defender designates a terrain that becomes the Hangar. if an Attacker infantry unit ends its turn within 6" of this objective while being unengaged, the planes within the Hangar are destroyed. While the Hangar is not destroyed, the Defender can operate a tactical strike at the start of every of his turns. He choses a non-character unit, and rolls 4d6 => Every 4+ is a mortal wound.
- 11 : The Secret Weapon : the Defender choses one of his units. If that unit dies during the game, this objective is completed.
- 12 : Attrition war : if the attacker has lost less units than the defender, this objective is won.

My Kabal
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Warhammer : invasion
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