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 Chaos Lord with lots of attacks.

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PostSubject: Chaos Lord with lots of attacks.   Mon Aug 14 2017, 00:19

My friend plays Chaos, and has found someone posting a way to squeeze 28 attacks out of the one model!
"Want 28 attacks with your chaos lord? OK, here's how you do it, granted it takes a lot. First you get a chaos lord on steed of slaanesh with two chainswords for a total of 9 attacks, then add a casting of Diabolic Strength for 10 attacks, then take the intoxicating elixir relic for 11 attacks. After that take the EC war lord trait for up to +3 attacks for 14 total attacks. Then you have a herald of Slaanesh cast Hysterical Frenzy to attack twice for up to 28 attacks in the next battle round. anything you get from death to the false emperor is icing on the cake.
and have a sorcerer to cast diabolic strength and warptime
+ all the other relic combinations to give -ap and extra damage for relic weapons
You know what, I'm not done with the cheese yet. Bring a second Herald for the extra -1 to hit ALL THE TIME, even close combat. Stacks with your Alpha Legion trait for -2 to hit outside 12", which you should always be before combat because your Sorcerer can Warptime you 12" closer (isn't being cavalry fun?).
Works out to about 20-24 attacks with Blade of the Hydra instead, but hitting at Strength 8 with -2 AP and 2 dmg per wound. Herald buff aura helps too!
They can be marked, they're a non-specific faction, we don't have to be Emperor's Children to be Slaanesh or get his mount. :smile: Essentially you can still get 28 attacks with Blade of the Hydra but you'd have to roll a 3 twice.
but wait there's more. have an exalted champ to re-roll wounds nearby!"
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Chaos Lord with lots of attacks.
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