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 Tips when playing against gulliman?

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PostSubject: Tips when playing against gulliman?    Tue Aug 08 2017, 11:25

This thursday I'll be playing against a Marine player (not sure which chapter) and he has told me that he'll be bringing girly man. His stats are crazy and I'm a little concerned on how to deal with him, I own a wraithknight which I will be bringing but I'm not sure if it's going to be enough. It will be a 2k game so if you guys have any suggestions on units to bring or just general tips please let me know!

My current list that I have planned is as follows:

Super heavy auxiliary detachment:
- Wraithknight with sword and shield, 2 shurkien cannons

Patrol detachment:
- Yvraine
- Kabalite tax
- Scourges 4 dark lances (amazing with SFD)

Vanguard detachment
- Lelith Hesperax
- 10 wyches, 1 agoniser (under strength)
- 2 Incubi squads
- 2 Blaster born squads in venoms
- Reaper heavy support
- 2 Raiders
- 2 Venoms

Blasterborn in venoms, incubi in 1 raider and wyches + lelith in other raider.

I realise I could go full ynarii but i prefer PFP for melee rules, although im not against going full ynarii
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PostSubject: Re: Tips when playing against gulliman?    Tue Aug 08 2017, 12:27

I find that it helps to shoot him.

A lot.

If you put enough fire into him, he can go down in turn one or two fairly easily (assuming he doesn't ressurect).

Don;t bother getting into combat with him. Get into combat with everything else, and just shoot that sucker.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips when playing against gulliman?    Tue Aug 08 2017, 13:04

My friendly local ultramarine has not yet acquired a primarch. However, being somewhat familiar with the fella from online stuff, I have to back up Squidmaster on this one: Keep out of arms reach, he will end anything we can muster. Fire upon him with extreme prejudice.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips when playing against gulliman?    Tue Aug 08 2017, 14:27


9 Wounds, maybe with up to 6 upon resurrecting. So lets call it 15 Wounds.
2+ save, so with no AP, 90 wounds needed.
50% of hits wounding, so 180 Hits needed.
2/3 of shoots Hitting, so 270 shots needed.

Thats 22.5 Splinter Cannons at half range, so 11.25 Venoms.
Or 11.25 Units of 10 Kabalites at half range with nine Splinter Rifles and one Splinter Cannon.


And thats not counting a good hit from a few Dark Lances or similar.

If we take it as Dark Lances, that 15 wounds needed, but his save only stops 1/6 successful wounds.
18 successful wounds needed.
You're wounding on a 3+, so 2/3 of shots, so 27 Hits needed.
Which means 40.5 shots.
Granted thats harder, needing 13.5 Ravagers, or turns with a Ravager shooting.
Assuming a cynical 1 damage per shot.


To be more sensible, lets you your list.

In your army, I see 6 Dark lances, 4 Blasters, 1 Reaper, 11 Splinter Rifles, 4 Splinter Cannons.

Lances and Blasters statistically have 10 shots, get 6.66 hits, 4.44 wounds, an average of 3 damage per shot, 13.33 damage going through.
Splinter at half range have 46 shots, 30.66 hits, 15.33 wounds, 2.55 damage goes through.
The Reaper on Beam gets an aevrage of 3 shots, 2 hits, 1.33 wounds, 1.11 going through, an average of 3.33 damage per shot.

So STATISTICALLY, you can do 19.21 wounds to Guilliamn per round.

Obviously, he only has 9 wounds, and coming back will happen between your turns. But you can EASILY take him down with JUST your firepower, AND still be able to finish him the following turn if he returns at full strength.

IF he's out in the open, and not is the closest enemy unit to all of your firepower of course.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips when playing against gulliman?    Tue Aug 08 2017, 17:38

Honestly, ignore him and take out the stuff he's trying to buff which should be much easier. This will tend to be Razorbacks and Storm Ravens so take as much Dark Light as you can shake a stick at. If it's infantry based, drown them in poison.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips when playing against gulliman?    Tue Aug 08 2017, 21:08

I dont know about using the knight. He isnt a good match up against much in this edition.

If you do have a knight, make sure you go first and get it in combat turn one.

Remember, their statline decays as they take wounds, you are only hitting on 3's for the first 12 wounds and with command rerolls on lascannon damage, those 12 wounds can be peeled off quick, leaving your knight much less effective.

Now take into account all the -1 to hit buffs that many armies have and by the time your wraithknight is in combat you might be hitting on 6's with that expensive sword.

At 300 points and no decaying statline they were great. At 500 points and a statline only good for the first 12 wounds, we got a problem.

I suggest, like the others have said, take shooty stuff and kill G or the units he is trying to buff.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips when playing against gulliman?    

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Tips when playing against gulliman?
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