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 Do you charge shooty units with your Ravagers?

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PostSubject: Do you charge shooty units with your Ravagers?   Thu Aug 03 2017, 03:27

I just played a game vs IG that I won by tying up his 3 (poorly placed) Leman Russ tanks with my Venoms all game - and it got me thinking, why am I not using my Ravagers the same way? I could have prevented his hordes of Guardsmen from firing each turn had I just placed my Ravagers a little more aggressively and charged with them.

I haven't mathed it out or anything but what are the potential pitfalls of charging shooty units with a Ravager? At a glance it seems like there's zero downside. If they were gonna shoot you anyways, now they only hit you on 6's. Sure they get to take a few feeble swings at you in close combat, but if you're charging the right kinds of units this shouldn't matter.
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PostSubject: Re: Do you charge shooty units with your Ravagers?   Thu Aug 03 2017, 05:56

The main downside is, if you are in a position to charge, you were probably in range of their guns for a turn.

If that happened anyway, you are likely to make the charge, and charging does not put you in range of something else that's dangerous, it seems like a reasonable use of the Fly special rule and thus an advantage we have over lesser races. A full squad of Guardsmen with a heavy weapon team will only result in 1 wound to you in cc on average and a Leman Russ will wound you 1/3 of the time, both of which you'll probably save. Your ravager will also have 80% chance to kill a guardsman, 90% if you bought a shock prow.

In response to the title I generally hold my Ravagers back to avoid damage since the opponent knows to prioritize these. But when the opportunity happens I will use any of our vehicles to tie up enemies.
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PostSubject: Re: Do you charge shooty units with your Ravagers?   Thu Aug 03 2017, 07:06

If you're not using your Ravagers to charge enemy units to soak Overwatch or just negate their shooting for a round then I don't understand why you would take one over a Flier.

If the Ravager is being fielded AS IF it has the Airborne rule (i.e. de facto, since you never charge with it nor move it to a position to BE charged) then why not play an actual Airborne unit that is Hard to Hit and is massively more mobile and durable?
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PostSubject: Re: Do you charge shooty units with your Ravagers?   Thu Aug 03 2017, 09:45

- First, he is not "hard to hit" and more durable. The only thing that makes him more durable is the "hard to hit".
- Then, he is arguably not more mobile. The ability to move backwards counts as mobility. He is a super fast garbage truck that moves super predictably.
- Then, some people consider the unreliable 1d6 missiles and the tiny TLSR/SC not to be worth a DL/dissie.
The only point for taking a Ravager isn't the idea to charge with it. With the FAQ, you can, for example, not want to have half your army as an airborn force that will make you lose the game when the other half of your army is dead.

Charging with a ravager clearly isn't about damage, since he got 3 attacks only. He should be far from assault, so i wouldn't plan to use him to soak overwatch. But if a unit of scions deepstrikes near, charging them to make them shoot you once on 6+, then not shoot at all, is a perfectly fine plan Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Do you charge shooty units with your Ravagers?   

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Do you charge shooty units with your Ravagers?
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