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 Dakka Autarch

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PostSubject: Dakka Autarch   Mon Jul 31 2017, 12:17

Due to a possible error in the index, it is possible to create an incredibly shooty Autarch. The possible error in question is that the Deathspinner is not listed as a weapon you can only take one of.
It is also fairly cheap.

Combine this with a jetbike and the Autarch is flying around with 8 shots per turn at 12" range, hitting on 2's with rerolls, 4 shots S4 4 Shots S 6 AP -1, both improving their AP by -3 on a wound roll of 6.

That is dead shooty for a single model!

My homebrew codex is really coming along. Check it out here, and feel free to post a comment!
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Dakka Autarch
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