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 Are snipers rules poorly written ?

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PostSubject: Are snipers rules poorly written ?   Sun Jul 30 2017, 04:02

The text says "Each time you roll a wound of 6+, it inflicts a mortal wound in addition to any other damage".
So we can assume that the mortal wound is inflicted immidiatly after you roll the 6. Before saves. The problem is that your enemy would allocate the (not yet saved) wound to a model, then allocate the mortal wound to that model (that isn't technically dead, so it's legit), thus rendering the normal wound useless.
So here's my question : is it possible, or not, to kill 2 models with a sniper shot, or can both wounds be allocated to the same 1W model ?
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PostSubject: Re: Are snipers rules poorly written ?   Sun Jul 30 2017, 05:25

Mortal wounds spill over so I would guess: yes.
You kill the model per normal wound and do the mortal one afterwards.
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PostSubject: Re: Are snipers rules poorly written ?   Sun Jul 30 2017, 08:26

^that would imply that if you're sniping a multiwound model, that the mortal wound would go onto the wounded model.

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PostSubject: Re: Are snipers rules poorly written ?   Mon Jul 31 2017, 06:04

The mortal wound is additional to other damage, so you would resolve the normal wound first, if applicable, then the mortal wound, which would spill over in the case of single wound models. Not super clear, but should still work out the sensible way.

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PostSubject: Re: Are snipers rules poorly written ?   Wed Aug 02 2017, 16:01

The way I see it, the rule says that on a wound roll of 6, you deal a mortal wound in addition to any other damage. If damage is the last step, and you are adding to that, then the mortal wound is after damage.

This part seems to confirm that mortal wounds are never lost.

Hope that helps =)

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Are snipers rules poorly written ?
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