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 Good proxy for Drazhar?

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PostSubject: Good proxy for Drazhar?   Thu Jul 20 2017, 16:20

So, I don't play too much outside of my group of friends, and like to compile my own kitbashed minis and/or introduce non-GW minis that fit the bill well enough for me to use them in my army. There are some minis out there that are honestly great for people like Lady Malys, who have no official minis.

That being said, I looked at Drazhar's old mini and I kind of hate it. I think it makes him look stumpy and his sword look like blunt curved boards with badly-made papier-mache guards. I would never want to field that mini in my army of more recent Dark Eldar (even though I still have an old Talos and some Kabalite Warriors in my numbers).

Anybody know a good GW or non-GW I could kitbash into a better-looking Drazhar? Anybody with heavy armour and twin swords?
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PostSubject: Re: Good proxy for Drazhar?   Thu Jul 20 2017, 16:27

Idk if it is a good one but im using visarch. In Ynnari he is Visarch in DE he is Draz. I actualy would like to make another Visarch with a incubi head and use Yncarne knifes.
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PostSubject: Re: Good proxy for Drazhar?   Thu Jul 20 2017, 17:02

Since Drazhar has no ranged weapons, and only uses armor and melee weapons, you might check GE's fantasy range. I use Dark Elf Executioners for Incubi, and they look great!
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PostSubject: Re: Good proxy for Drazhar?   Fri Jul 21 2017, 02:30

Eh, no clue on the replacement idea, but I'd recomend trying to get an eyeball on a constructed Drazhar near other models.

Just got myself an old pewter one and I was surprised by how TALLA he looks next to the rest of my army.

On his modelling; I will agree that I dislike the 'jagged board' look on his swords. Also; the asymmetrical horns on his head bug me to no end.

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PostSubject: Re: Good proxy for Drazhar?   Fri Jul 28 2017, 02:53

Im using the Visarch. Im going to convert this weekend. He is pretty good as is but some a more dark eldar style blade for his weapon is Klaive form is needed. Plan to use him as an archon or drazhar as the mood suits. Ill post some pics once im done!
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PostSubject: Re: Good proxy for Drazhar?   

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Good proxy for Drazhar?
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