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 Trying out 8ed CWE (pure), comments requested

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PostSubject: Trying out 8ed CWE (pure), comments requested   Wed Jul 19 2017, 20:30

Hi Fellows,

I am trying up a solid pure CWE army on Friday. I would ask for your comments on the following list:

Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Aeldari - Craftworlds) [50 PL]
Autarch [5 PL]  Banshee Mask, Forceshield, Fusion Gun, Fusion Pistol, Power sword
Dire Avengers [3 PL] 4x Dire Avenger Dire Avenger Exarch, Shimmershield & Power Glaive
Striking Scorpions [5 PL] Striking Scorpion Exarch, Scorpion's Claw & Scorpion Chainsword
Heavy Support
Dark Reapers [5 PL] Dark Reaper Exarch, Tempest Launcher
Night Spinner [9 PL] Crystal Targeting Matrix, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones
War Walkers [5 PL] Aeldari Missile Launcher, Aeldari Missile Launcher
Dedicated Transport
Wave Serpent [9 PL] Crystal Targeting Matrix, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Twin Aeldari Missile Launcher
Wave Serpent [9 PL] Crystal Targeting Matrix, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Twin Bright Lance

Idea is to sit few rounds around Autarch, which grants reroll 1's to hit. AML give diversity on targets. War walker can later move to take objects with Dire Avengers. Wave serpents give fewer drops in the depo phase giving place for DA, Autarch, DR to embark on, and if game first turn is depended on it also maybe Striking scorpions.

Striking scorpions otherwise are played as anti snowflake, so if the opponent forgets to babysit / bubblewrap his Characters, scorpions will come out of hiding and try to splat him/her. And charge something. Or used as counter charge unit with autarch and Dire Avengers if needed be.

List has very little for first turn cannon fodder, but most of the units have fly.

CP's: 4 (1 from Spearhead and 3 from battleforged)
Drops: 4-5 depending on if the scorpions are deployed in Wave Serpent

Comments appreciated. I have almost all normal units in hand with exception of shining spears.

With Best, WildCandy
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Trying out 8ed CWE (pure), comments requested
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