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 Favorite Deployment Map?

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PostSubject: Favorite Deployment Map?   Mon Jul 17 2017, 20:07

Of the six standard deployment maps, which one have you had the most luck with? I know that it probably largely depends on terrain and what type of enemy you are facing, but it would be nice to have one that I could default to when I need to select one.

FYI: My army is shooty Kabalite oriented
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Deployment Map?   Mon Jul 17 2017, 22:35

probably hammer and anvil. If you need space with your shooty army vs an assault army its probably the best. Just deploy close the table edge so you can handle the first wave of enemy deepstrikes while the second wave of walk ons come in range. It also limits the vectors your opponent can use to attack you. Plus if you have an enemy with no deesptrikers and mostly assault, deploy on the line and then kite back to the table edge. Lots of beneifts for a shooty army on that table. Would only really suck if your opponent was a big shooty army with LONG range and a wall of idk a gajillion conscripts on the deployment line and all their long range on the table edge. That's about the worst downside.
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Deployment Map?   Mon Jul 17 2017, 22:47

I would say that the width of the board is more beneficial to speed composition (because your ennemies have to spread for threat/objectives control) while you can move freely accross the very large table), and the depth of the table is beneficial to range (since you can just camp at 36" and darklight' your way to victory.
Since we have both, it's a matter of opponent : if you have more of a range advantage, take a deep board deployment. If you have more of a speed advantage, take a wide board deployment.

Examples :
- Playing against T'au, take a Dawn of war. Spread objectives, and watch their less mobile army struggle to hold them, spread, as you can hop from objective to objective and focus their isolated targets.
- Playing against necrons : take a Hammer and Anvil, kill the Tomb blades, jump units and all, and watch them walk painfully slow as you kill all small elite. Then you can gapclose and finish them with rapidfire/cc.
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Deployment Map?   

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Favorite Deployment Map?
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