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 Down on it's luck Kabal List - 1000 pts

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PostSubject: Down on it's luck Kabal List - 1000 pts   Thu Jul 13 2017, 22:16

Alright so fluff-wise the idea is that it's a brand new Kabal struggling to get on its feet. Gameplay-wise its my attempt to get some of my 20 ish Hellion models off the shelf (they haven't been touched since GW axed my beloved Baron).

Outrider Detachment, Battleforged - 1 + 3 CP


Archon - 76 pts
- Agoniser, Blaster, PGL
Sslyth Bodyguard - 44 pts
Venom, Splinter Rifle - 80 pts


5x Warriors - 50 pts
- Blaster
Venom, 2x Splinter Cannons - 95 pts

Fast Attack

8x Hellions - 140 pts
- Agoniser
8x Hellions - 140 pts
- Agoniser

6x Reavers - 220 pts
- 2x Grav Talons, 2x Blasters

Heavy Support

Ravager - 155 pts
- 3x Dark Lances

Total = 1000 pts

At least 15 Hellions are non-negotiable and there must also be an Archon, also if there's points left over for the Sslyth I'd rather have him than not. Other than that have at it. I included a Ravager despite the theme of the list just because I haven't left home without one in years and it's probably more likely that an out-of-luck, out-of-cash Kabal has a rickety ravager lying around then some heavily equipped Scourges, right?

Also, is anyone having any lucks with Reavers? Even with Painbringer they seem super costly and bad compared to a couple of Skyweavers... Which incidentally seems to also be the case for all our assaulty stuff when compared to Harlies.
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PostSubject: Re: Down on it's luck Kabal List - 1000 pts   Fri Jul 14 2017, 00:11

Ohh, I like fluffy lists! Have the reavers eat overwatch for the hellions and you should be shiny, in friendly games at least Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Down on it's luck Kabal List - 1000 pts   Fri Jul 14 2017, 14:48

I think BloodyOdd is right, this should be fine for friendly games. In all honesty I think most if not all of the units an our part of the book are okay, there's none that I can think of off the top of my head that are terrible, so as long as you support them correctly then the list should work.

I have a group of 6 like yours in my 2000 point list, but there's atleast one person on the forums that had luck running them in groups of 3 as a support/ harassment unit. He used them to dog pile in to combat and tie up tanks which I think fits them quite well. I think with combined shooting and assault the 6 man pack is still worth it as it should stay around for a fair while and it's one less drop than running two 3 man units.
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PostSubject: Re: Down on it's luck Kabal List - 1000 pts   

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Down on it's luck Kabal List - 1000 pts
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