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 Vehicle Facings in 8th

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PostSubject: Vehicle Facings in 8th   Sun Jul 09 2017, 07:28

So I had my 1st game of 8th Ed today.

To my eternal disgrace, I didn't use my True Kin. I was too nervous I'd forget stuff.

Anyway, my opponent used a Stormtalon, and was shooting it whilly-nilly in any direction.
When I questioned this, he said that vehicle Facings didn't matter.
I then took full advantage of this, with my Vulture.

My question is- Is this right? Does it matter what direction I'm facing anymore?

Cheers for your input

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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Facings in 8th   Sun Jul 09 2017, 08:25

Indeed, weapon facing is gone, but that doesn't mean you don't have to think about how you position your vehicles.
For flyers, position is what's going to make the difference between a crashed plane and a staying plane (due to the 90* angle in which you have to move every turn without leaving the board)

For Skimmers, distances, ranges, charges and disembark are measured from the hull (anywhere on the hull) and not the base. Which means, i think, that pivoting the Raider (which is a free mvt) allows you to add or retract a distance equal to the length of the raider. So deploy your Raiders parallel to the limit of your deployment zone, and at the beginning of your turn you can pivot them. Congrats, you just deployed a unit outside of your deployment zone (if you know all of this already, then i'm sorry for your time). Since skimmers can charge now, this is even more relevant than before.

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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Facings in 8th   Sun Jul 09 2017, 08:31

Technically only those vehicles without base and those who have Hover rule use measurement from the hull, the rest have to use Base as per RAW, but if you agree with your opponent to use this method for all of them, it is irrelevant ruleswise and better to use.
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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Facings in 8th   Sun Jul 09 2017, 20:55

Also with the extra move for turning raiders officially it think it mentions somewhere that the maximum you can move with any part of the vehicles is your move, so no turning for an extra inch (or so I thought?)
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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Facings in 8th   Wed Jul 12 2017, 21:02

@ |Meavar you are correct, its directly in the movement section. No part of the hull or base must move furhter than its movement characteristic
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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Facings in 8th   

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Vehicle Facings in 8th
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