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 Kabalite configuration

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PostSubject: Kabalite configuration   Sat Jul 08 2017, 11:44

Since 8th edition has expanded the choices for Kabalite Warriors, i'd like to hear about your opinions on the different configurations. Here are the one i have spotted :
- The classic gunboat : 10 in a Raider with SC. This got better since it can fire 36" on the move.
- The classic premium : 10 in a Raider with SC and Blaster.
- The Double Lance : 10 in a Raider with DL. Only 4+ to hit on the move, that's great.
- The Venom Squad : 5 in a Venom, Blaster.
- The Party Boat : 2*5 squads in a Raider, both Blasters (this is excellent to reach a Briguade)

Is anyone footslogging ? Anyone buying options for the Sybarite (FGL is auto-take for me) ?
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PostSubject: Re: Kabalite configuration   Sat Jul 08 2017, 12:35

I'm not sure I've played enough games but I've been going for the old Splinter classic. That might change if I play a game that isn't against Tyranids too.
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PostSubject: Re: Kabalite configuration   Sat Jul 08 2017, 13:57

I usually run 3 classic gunboats. I prefer to keep my units focused on a single task, which is drowning the enemy in poison for my Kabalites.

I suppose footslogging large units could be an interesting option for an Ynnari army. As far as PGLs are concerned... worth considering.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Kabalite configuration   Sat Jul 08 2017, 14:53

Three Party Boats have been a dependable "boring troop choice that does what you want" this edition. Pricey as they are I've found the blasters are usually worth it.
I've tried it both with all the trimmings and bare-bones. PGLs usually earn all six of them back the one or two times they actually take an extra model off of something, but the agonisers are pretty pointless.
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PostSubject: Re: Kabalite configuration   Sat Jul 08 2017, 21:18

Depends on how you run them. I've gotten far more kills with the agonisers than the pgls. I've also had the agonisers be useless because the only things I could assault were vehicles, in which case the pgl is just as ineffective. I like having the agoniser for counter charge abilities against units that deep strike in. If you use your warriors as purely ranged firepower, then pgl is going to be better. If you have dedicated assault units then you don't need your troops to assault. Either way I find neither are auto includes, but better as fillers once I have a list done that has left over points
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The Strange Dark One
The Strange Dark One

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PostSubject: Re: Kabalite configuration   Sat Jul 08 2017, 22:49

I've had very good success with (unupgraded) Venom boats. While Venoms got worse in shooting, their durability is really decent. Decent enough for some turns in rapid fire range.
Especially with a Blaster and PGL you also bring a surprising amount lot of utility to the board.

And every time the enemy player shoots my Venoms means that he isn't shooting my Ravagers and Raiders.

Moreover, focus fire is king in this edition and with the maneuverability of the Venoms I can bring them exactly where I want want them to be. Dropped a Void Mine on a bigger MEQ squad? Get a nearby Venom and shoot it with Blasters, poison and the PGL.

The unit might not die in the shooting phase, but it will in the moral phase.

Nonetheless, I also want to try out a Desintegrator Raider with 2 x Kabalites (with Blasters) next time and see how it goes. I am also very tempted to run 2 x 10 fully kitted out Kabalites (Agonizer, Blaster, Lance and PGL) but I can't get my head around how to use them properly.

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PostSubject: Re: Kabalite configuration   

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Kabalite configuration
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