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 Bright Armor Schemes?

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PostSubject: Bright Armor Schemes?   Tue Jul 04 2017, 12:54

I got the basic set up for my Kabalites color Scheme, a base of Murderous Magenta (P3), Emperors Children for highlights, Carroburg Crimson for a wash, and Leadbelcher and nuln oil for the weopons base.

I plan on priming black to darken the magenta, I like the color but dont want it too bright.

Have you seen an unconventional color scheme pulled off well for the Drukhari? Am I crazy for picking these colors? Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Bright Armor Schemes?   Tue Jul 04 2017, 15:19

I'd check pinterest. There are some amazing schemes there. Check Harlies for interesting bright schemes too. Some of the best works are found there.

Like these amazing pieces of work:

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PostSubject: Re: Bright Armor Schemes?   Fri Jul 07 2017, 11:55

You can still reduce the brightness by mixing your paints : add a little bit of a darker color (even 1/10th) will do the trick.

If you're afraid of it getting too flashy, applying a thinned down layer of lahmia can mattyfy your painting but
- DO TEST before using it on a completed fig (apply on miniature plastic casing your color sheme, then lahmia half of it, to compare results)
- You can apply lahmia selectively, only on your overbrighten part.

For the unusual color scheme, I've painted a white DE army, with touches of red and blue.
Currently working on a proper website to display them, but you can still check my avatar for now to have an idea :p
If you're interested I can post a couple more pics

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PostSubject: Re: Bright Armor Schemes?   

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Bright Armor Schemes?
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