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 FAQs are out

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The Shredder
The Shredder

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PostSubject: Re: FAQs are out   Tue Jul 04 2017, 14:27

@amishprn86 wrote:
Yeah... its not listed in the "wargear" section so its extremely easy and understandable that players overlooked it.

Yeah, it seems a really unintuative way of arranging it.

It's especially weird in that most HQs have some form of built-in invulnerable save, but it's almost always built into their cost (Necron HQs don't pay separately for their Phase Shifters, Archons don't pay separately for their Shadowfields, SM characters don't pay separately for their Iron Halos etc.).
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: FAQs are out   Tue Jul 04 2017, 16:04

So does this confirm that the Haemonculus will have to pay for his Crucible at some point in the future? I'm almost certain he will but it would be nice to know.
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FAQs are out
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