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PostSubject: Star-Slayer Corsairs   Star-Slayer Corsairs I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 30 2017, 20:23

The pdf with my boys and girls

So, my friend (an Imperial/Chaos player) is prepping to run a HUGE 40k tabletop game in a homebrew system of his (the combat for it will be based on 8e, and character sheets will look like statblocks from the indexes and such) where the party is consisting of various xenos who are either captives or temporary allies of a Space Marine chapter on crusade within a star system infested with Chaos, Tyranids, Necrons, etc.

For this game, I'm playing a Drukhari (starting as a Sybarite but I will be "multiclassing" into Hellion early on), and we have an Aeldari (Ranger), two Orks (Nob and Mechboy), and a T'au (Fire Warrior). We're starting low on the ladder and working our ways up to being the leaders of each of our own mini-factions, and due to this we needed to create said mini-factions. Clearly I had a bit of a challenge creating a Drukhari faction that could/would be taken hostage by the Imperium, and forced as indentured soldiers to help in the campaign, but I think I've managed a pretty good one.

The Star-Slayers are like a microcosm of Commorragh with a key difference, the "Kabalites" within it are the bottom of the barrel to the leader. The faction has been suffering due to its uninspiring leader, lowering numbers of trueborn, lack of special troops and transport, and clear favour thrown towards the Wyches and their fellow Arena-style combatants. They are a subsection of Sliscus' Corsair Fleet, but he sold them out to the Imperium in exchange for a very nice coat and pair of boots the ambassador had (that was due to how little he cared for the Star-Slayers, not how much he wanted the clothes).

I had some major issues writing this up, so would really appreciate feedback on the structure, hierarchy, and involvement of various forces from others here in the Dark City. This faction is not meant to be exemplary of what Drukhari are, but still meant to be culturally-connected and accurate to how an Outcast company such as this one would operate and form.

My character within the faction is a cloned Sybarite, not trueborn, and is serial number 03-4952, called "Forty-Nine" by the other characters at the beginning. He will earn a real name if I manage to take the position of Helliarch in the campaign, and my long-term plans are to kill my leader and Succubus, Zythetha, and to take control of the remnants of the Star-Slayers by game's end. Although anything could happen, I'm assuming that over time Forty-Nine will become far more attached to the Mon-Keigh in his party over his treacherous fellow Drukhari, so depending on what happens in game he might instead recommend wiping out the Star-Slayers or possibly converting them from Corsairs to an Allied "Rogue Trader" Company for the Imperium (raiding anyone who refuses to trade with them). We'll see, I guess.

I'm certain there's spelling mistakes, some lore issues, and possibly some things I've overlooked, so if anyone has the time to give it a read let me know what you think, if you have any comments, and if there's anything you think I screwed up on. Cheers, Archons!
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PostSubject: Re: Star-Slayer Corsairs   Star-Slayer Corsairs I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 21 2017, 14:45

Don't know whether this is too late, but seeing that no one else replied I will throw in my two cents. I think you have a great premise for your fluff, because it is alligned to the feeling of the Drukhari, maybe not for clothes, but maybe for free access to a shipping lane without the incurring wrath of the Space Marines currently controlling it or the like. As for your character becoming fonder of other species that could work as well. Realising his own kin are never going to see eye to eye, he aims to bring together a Kabal of races that will work for him and bring him souls when necessary. Knowing such a ritual is non existent for any of his peons there is no fear of ever being usurped or robbed from where it counts.

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