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 25 Power Point Campaign list

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PostSubject: 25 Power Point Campaign list   Sun Jun 25 2017, 16:26

Hello all! Long-time 40k player (although I skipped the last edition), new to DE and trying to write a competitive list for an escalation tourney being run at my gaming club.

We're starting off at 25 power points, but beyond the 18 in the 'Start Collecting' box, I'm not sure what to add.

I'm most likely to be playing a LOT of marine armies, with a couple of Necron and Elder thrown in. I was thinking of just adding another start collecting box (so 10 Kabalites, 1 Raider, 3 Reavers) to build a base, probably only using the Kabalites/Reavers to fluff out my points for the first game. Any better ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Current list based on power points:

1 Archon
10 Kabalite Warriors with a Raider
3 Reavers

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PostSubject: Re: 25 Power Point Campaign list   Sun Jun 25 2017, 17:04

I'm not sold on reavers in this edition and would take more warriors with transport.
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Power Point Campaign list   Sun Jun 25 2017, 17:42

@CptMetal Agreed, or if you want some combat still grab some hellions

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PostSubject: Re: 25 Power Point Campaign list   Mon Jun 26 2017, 21:38

I would suggest picking up the Gangs of Commargh game. That will give you 6 more Reavers and 10 Hellions and it retails for $60 usd.
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Power Point Campaign list   Mon Jun 26 2017, 21:50

A Ravager is almost a Must. This will bust tanks open and give you some Character killing power.

Also as of right now your Archon is walking around. I would look into another raider or maybe a venom and a squad to go walking with him. Maybe Incubi for close combat potential or trueborn for shooting if that is your thing

I dont have my index on hand, but Ill take a look when I get home on what exactly I would do to fill out a power level game

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PostSubject: Re: 25 Power Point Campaign list   Wed Jun 28 2017, 20:56

Thanks for the tips guys, definitely stuff to chew over. I had a practice game last night where I took CaptMetal's advice and took more Warriors. With power points it worked out at

Archon - 4pts
10 x Warriors - 5pts
5 x Warriors - 3pts
2 x Raiders - 12pts

It made the Archon a bit more mobile but the 5 man squad was just an itch to my opponent's power armour. Granted having not played in a long time I didn't use the mobility at all well and that's what ultimately undid me. Unfortunately we didn't have time to fit a second game in for me to proxy any of the other suggestions, but I've got a few weeks before I have to commit and buy anything so I'll have a look at the combo's suggested and see how many practice games I can get in!
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Power Point Campaign list   Thu Jun 29 2017, 00:03

I don't know if it would be well welcomed but you could add a Razorwing jetfighter it adds both anti tank and anti infantry ... I'm pretty sure that that's 7 PL points and would take your start collecting 18 exactly to 25 and then you can add more troops and what not as the escalation ramps up. I don't worry to much about the foot logging archon as I ran them this way 90% of the time in 7th Ed so I have no qualms with leaving him out transports and as characters can't be directly targeted unless they are the closest unit you don't really need to hide him in a transport if you want to keep him with the raider just run him in the movement phase to keep him up with the army
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Power Point Campaign list   

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25 Power Point Campaign list
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