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 Hellions in 8e

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Count Adhemar
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Count Adhemar

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PostSubject: Re: Hellions in 8e   Fri Jun 30 2017, 12:19

This is starting to remind me of the 'debate' in 7e over whether a unit with multiple psykers in it could cast the same power more than once per turn, despite the rulebook saying (in bold text) "no unit can attempt to manifest the same psychic power more than once per Psychic phase"

The Open-topped rule specifically says "Note that the passengers cannot shoot if this model falls back".

Are the Hellions passengers in a model with this rule? Yes
Did the model Fall Back? Yes
Can they shoot? No


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PostSubject: Re: Hellions in 8e   Fri Jun 30 2017, 13:38

I'd say it is an ability and condition. And I agree with Count.
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PostSubject: Re: Hellions in 8e   Fri Jun 30 2017, 14:07

Understood. Thank you!

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PostSubject: Re: Hellions in 8e   Fri Jun 30 2017, 17:47

I would also agree with Count here, even from the standpoint of common sense the fact that they can fly in no way plays into begin able to shoot when their transport falls back or not, especially since they are not currently flying in the transport.

I was honestly surprised that Hellions even had the ability to board transport. Not that it doesn't makes sense, I just would have never thought about using them in one.
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PostSubject: Re: Hellions in 8e   Fri Jun 30 2017, 19:31

Hellions could board transports in 7th too, they were just bulky, so the only option was a minimum squad in a Raider.

We had more important things for Raiders to be doing back then, and Hellions weren't as viable as they are now, so almost no one used it.

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PostSubject: Re: Hellions in 8e   

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Hellions in 8e
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