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 ETC practice. 2000 point Drukhari vs Astra Militarum

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PostSubject: ETC practice. 2000 point Drukhari vs Astra Militarum   Thu Jun 15 2017, 00:30

My list (10 CP):
4 Archons w. Agonizers
10 Kabalite Warriors w. Dark Lance
5 x 5 Kabalite Warriors
9 Venoms w. 2 x Cannon
4 Razorwing Jetfighters w. Dark Lances

His list (7 CP):
Gunnery Sargent Harker
2 Campany commanders
Astropath w. Shield power
3 x 50 conscripts
3 x 3 Basilisk w. Heavy Bolter & Hunter Killer missile
3 Wyverns w. Heavy Bolter & Hunter Killer missile
1 Taurox w. 2 autocannons

We played Spearhead deployment, and he started. I would have seized, but we had agreed beforehand to ignore that, for testing purposes. I'm fairly certain it would have dramatically changed the outcome of the game, though.

He started by scoring first blood on a razorwing with just one basilisk. He didn't do much else, though, except stretch his conscripts 20'ish inches up the board. My turn one, I advanced to rapid fire range and removed 30'ish conscripts and a basilisk.
His turn 2, he advanced further with his conscripts, and unloaded with orders. Damn, thats a lot of shots. With 6's to hit, and 5's to wound, they didn't do much, though. A couple of venoms went down to Wyverns, and 2 razorwings went to severly injured with 2 and 3 wounds left. His lines were now stretched fairly thin, and a venom and all jetfighters ended with options to snipe a character. I only succeeded in getting one of the commanders and the astropath, though, and another pile of conscripts. I engaged 2 conscript units with all my venoms and some Archons, and instantly regretted not bringing Succubi instead, to tie them up in combat. That would pretty much have been game over right there, if I had. We rolled the lock in combat roll for fun anyway, and if it had been, he would have never escaped melee.
His turn 3, he got all the remaining jets, and I got one blob completely finished off, thus opening an entire flank. From here I kept charging vehicles, and piling in to other vehicles. Their overwatch is nasty, but not near as nasty as their regular shooting.

The game ended 10-10. He scored 8 points on kill points, I scored +8 points on Maelstrom Points, and we shared the objectives evenly. He had first blood, and I had linebreaker.

I honestly didn't think I had a chance after he deployed 150 conscripts, but I had decided to test a theme, and it worked absolute wonders. "-1 To Hit" on EVERY vehicle. Conscripts only hitting on 6, and everything else on 5's. This meant I didn't really have to kill the basilisks. Just maiming them were really good enough.
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PostSubject: Re: ETC practice. 2000 point Drukhari vs Astra Militarum   Thu Jun 15 2017, 08:09


That -1 to hit on every vehicle is sick vs a BS3/2 army. Tau counter maybe?
I may have to try that. Thanks.
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ETC practice. 2000 point Drukhari vs Astra Militarum
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