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 8th Edition Mathhammer

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PostSubject: 8th Edition Mathhammer   8th Edition Mathhammer I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 12 2017, 22:35

Greetings fellow denizens!

Given that it is unlikely that we will be getting an updated Mathhammer website anytime soon, I've taken it upon myself to create an 8th Edition Mathhammer Spreadsheet.

WARNING: I'm a Pre-Law student, not one in math; this tool is in its early stages of development, and is likely riddled with errors.

For those interested, you can find it in Google Sheets here. If you would prefer an Excel Spreadsheet, feel free to PM me.

This tool includes calculation tools for just about everything, AP modifiers, re-rolls, even morale*** in one convenient place! It also outputs individual percentage values for individual events, as well as the more traditional wound count.

I intend to regularly bugfix and update the spreadsheet, so if you find any errors, don't hesitate to tell me!

***Morale is still in Alpha, and currently assumes that you always roll a 3.5 for calculation purposes. Do not rely on it for now.

Next feature: Weapon Damage and Morale Improvements.


The Spreadsheet is split into three sections: Attacker Information, Defender Information, and Output Information. All in all, there are nineteen potential input values, and eighteen output values.

What follows this is a brief tutorial on the workings of the sheet.

8th Edition Mathhammer CLx17hk

Attacker Information

Roll Needed to Hit: The BS of the attacker. Please note to put down only an integer, and not any additional symbols, as this messes with the program.

I.e. Put "3" in, and not "3+"

Number of Attacks: Self explanatory.

Weapon Strength: Self explanatory.

Weapon AP: Use a minus for the AP, or else the formula might add to the defender's save, instead of subtracting from it!

I.e. Put in "-4" and not "4"

If the weapon being fired has no AP, put in a zero or leave it blank.

Reroll Failed Hits Put in a "y" if applicable, and anything other than a "y" if not (Though preferably left blank, the old girl gets confused when there's too many "n's" in there.

This rule applies to all similar input values followed by "(y/n)"

Reroll 1's To Hit/Reroll Failed Wounds/Reroll 1's To Wound: See above.

8th Edition Mathhammer RQOsRpM

Defender Information

Number of Models: The number of models in the targeted unit.

Wounds per Model: The Wounds Characteristic for each model.

I.e. A unit of five Grotesques would input "3" for three wounds per model, and not "15" for fifteen wounds total.

Toughness: Self explanatory.

Save: Self explanatory.

Is it an Invuln?: Follow the same rules from above.

Leadership: The highest Leadership value in the unit, preferably.

Fearless/Reroll Failed Saves/Reroll 1's to Save: See previous.

Reroll Failed Morale: Finicky and only vaguely accurate. Use at your own risk, for now.

Second Save: For us, this will most commonly mean PfP. Use the same rules for putting in other save/hit values.

8th Edition Mathhammer COdXt5r

Output Information

This is separated into two sections. The one on the left is a running total, calculating hits, wounds, saves, and casualties as needed. The one on the right calculates the chance for an individual event to occur, and is not affected by variables such as multiple attacks.

Hits - Initial: Calculates the number of attacks that will hit, without factoring in rerolls.

Hits - Final: Calculates the number of attacks that will hit, after factoring in rerolls. If no rerolls are applicable, this will be the same as the initial value.

Wounds - Initial: See above.

Wounds - Final: See above.

Saved - Initial: This calculates how many wounds are negated due to a saving throw.

I.e. Out of three wounds against a 3+ save, it would display a 2, for two wounds saved, and not a 1, for one wound unsaved.

Saved - Final: See above.

Saved - Final w/ Second Save: This factors in both rerolls and secondary saves.

Wounds Taken: The number of wounds that will have to be allocated.

Losses - Initial: The number of models that will be removed from play. This value cannot exceed the unit size.

Losses - Morale: The number of models that will be removed due to Morale. Please keep in mind that this system is still a work in progress.

Total Losses: The number of models that will be removed as a result of both casualties and morale.

8th Edition Mathhammer WXKZMxE

An example of what a proper input looks like. Just a couple of Marines being shot with Boltguns.


I'd loved to hear your thoughts on this! I'll be editing this post for future updates for ease of accessibility and reducing thread clutter.

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PostSubject: Re: 8th Edition Mathhammer   8th Edition Mathhammer I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 13 2017, 04:32

Nice project! I'm sure it'll be very useful once bugs are worked out. Maybe one of these days I'll have some time to fiddle with it! Thanks for sharing! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: 8th Edition Mathhammer   8th Edition Mathhammer I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 13 2017, 04:41

Very nice - thanks - I may play round with this latter on
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8th Edition Mathhammer
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