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 understrength units

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Ivan Isaak
Ivan Isaak

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PostSubject: understrength units   Sun Jun 11 2017, 13:39

Hi, just a quick question: in matched play, do you think is it acceptable to deliberately take an understrength unit? (pag.242)
For example, 4 incubi (paid as if they were 5) in order to fit them in the same transport with an archon.

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PostSubject: Re: understrength units   Sun Jun 11 2017, 13:52

From a rule as written perspective, if you physically don't ha e the model with you (left at home), it sounds like that is an option.

I suspect a lot of events will say it isn't ok. But this will likely be event/location specific.
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Count Adhemar
Dark Lord of Granbretan
Count Adhemar

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PostSubject: Re: understrength units   Sun Jun 11 2017, 14:21

Not sure why anyone would object to their opponent paying for a full strength unit and actually using less models than permitted.


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PostSubject: Re: understrength units   Sun Jun 11 2017, 17:24

I know I wouldn't complain about an opponent handicapping himself point wise.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: understrength units   Sun Jun 11 2017, 19:26

I could see it being a problem if it allowed a unit in a transport to make room for more characters to make a mobile deathstar style unit, but they do handicap themselves points wise to get this. Though I can imagine there's some fringe cases where whatever benefit you gain greatly outweighs the loss of one squad member. Personally I'd be fine with it though.
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PostSubject: Re: understrength units   

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understrength units
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