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 Advice sought: the Reaver army

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PostSubject: Advice sought: the Reaver army   Sat Jun 10 2017, 12:32

When I first really put my Dark Eldar together, it was 3rd edition and I loved Reaver Jetbikes. So I got a load of Reavers and tried to model on a Reaver army. I filled those Fast Attack slots out good.

With 8th imminent (and the rules fully known to all now) I would really like to see if Reavers are viable as the core of an army again.

So, I'm after your advice on what needs to be added to this army to support it.

General rule, assume this army will feature, in some way:

  •                     36x Reaver Jetbikes

I'm currently looking at it as an Outrider Detachment, with the compulsary Fast choices filled out with:

  •                      3x 12 Reaver Jetbikes
  •                                > 4x Blasters per unit (more utility I think in higher base strength)
  •                                > 4x Grav Talon per unit (I prefer the initial impact over an "if they run away")

Though that would be a low number of  Command Points.

So assuming this, what would you suggest I take alongside?

Do you think this would be better as Drukhari, or Ynnari?

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PostSubject: Re: Advice sought: the Reaver army   Sat Jun 10 2017, 12:53

I actually think I would rather it as Drukhari. While you can benefit from SfD, the PfP chart is actually pretty good!

What drugs did you want to select for the units? I would also consider splitting off a few of them so I was running a single big 12 unit (+1T drug) and then 4 smaller 6 model units to give you more options on the table, access to more flexibility in combat drugs (you can get all of them except the LD one this way). Heck, depending on the HQ choices you want, you can run them as 6 units of 6 across 2 outrider detachments.

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PostSubject: Re: Advice sought: the Reaver army   Sat Jun 10 2017, 14:51

Thats a fair point actually. Running them as 6x6 might work better for mobility and resourcefulness, or maybe 1x12, 4x6?

I don't think I was too fussed on Drugs, and I'm happy to take a random roll for each unit (mainly because of the whole "go through them before repeating" thing.

For HQ I'm split, because we still lack a fast HQ unit (such as maybe an Archon on Jetbike) who keep up with the Reavers I want as the core of the army. I looked through the Craftworlders and Harlequins for options hoping for an ability which hits the Aeldari keyword, but regretably no luck. Maybe Corsairs might present an option when they finally get revealed. The only Aeldari keyword stuff I can find is in the three Ynnari characters, as their way of regaining Wounds.

So past that, really not sure. I guess my best option for the time is something in a Venom?
The temptation is to throw it as a dual force - Reavers swarming about, whilst Venoms overloading with Drazhar and Incubi scoot about for charges.
I played a combat heavy Tyranid army recently, and combat seems to work very nicely when you have mass chargers.....
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PostSubject: Re: Advice sought: the Reaver army   Sun Jun 11 2017, 13:28

Take a Farseer on Bike, cast Smite and you now have some denial.

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PostSubject: Re: Advice sought: the Reaver army   

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Advice sought: the Reaver army
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