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 1250 Vs SM, With Pictures

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: 1250 Vs SM, With Pictures   Mon Oct 24 2011, 06:15

Got my second game in today, used all the newly converted models I worked on all last night, very satisfying. Trying to do this in the style of the old WD battle reports, before they used cameras. Hopefully this is a welcome flash from the past for my fellow aged gamers.

My List:

Archon with Huskblade, Soul Trap, Clone Field, Webway Portal, Blaster pistol, Combat Drugs, PHantasm Grenade Lauchers.

Haemonculus Ancient with Venom Blade, Liquifier Gun

3 Grotesques w/ Aberration, Flesh Gauntlet, and Liquifier

9 Bloodbrides w/ Syren, Agonizer, Blast pistol, 3 Shardnets, Haywire Grenades
Raider with Flickerfields, Night Shields, Aethersails, Shock Prow

3x 5 Wracks, Liquifier Gun, Acothyst, Agonizer
1 Venom, Nightshields

Ravager with Nightshields, Flickerfield, Aethersails, Shock Prow

Chronos with Spirit probe, spirit vortex

His List:

Chapter Master with Relic Blade

Terminators with Assault Cannon

Dreadnaught with Assault Cannon and Storm Bolter

2 Tactical squads with Missile launcher
Razorbacks with Heavy Bolters

5 Devastators 2 HB, 2 Plasma Cannons


SM player chose the quarter with a building big enough to place his devastator squad on. Two Missile launcher combat squads stood on the hill slope with the Chapter Master. Two combat squads in Razorbacks patrolled the base of the hill with a Chapter Ancient in a Dreadnought.

The crafty archon deployed with his seductively deadly bodyguard in his Raider, A silent, deadly Ravager lurked just ahead of him, peeking around the corner of a blown out building. The venom with the Haemonculus's deadly creations hung back, ready to dart to wherever it was needed.

Turn One

As the Devastator's auspexes flared into life, twin plasma bolts cut across the sky, splashing across the prow of the Raider, melting the Dark Lance. One of the Marine squads launched a missile and stunned the Ravager.

The venom swooped across the gap to begin flanking the marines, and the Raider lifted back in panic, hovering in an alley. The Archon leaped to the ground, ordering his bloodbrides to bring him the Chapter Master, or his head. Eerie light flooded the alleyway as a webway portal opened at the Alley's mouth.

Turn Two

The Chapter Master ordered all fire on the Ravager, hoping to bring it down before it could recover. The Devastators, Missile Launcher, and Dreadnought's Assault Cannon stunned the driver and ripped off a Dark Lance. The second Razorback driver edged his vehicle toward the odd energy field, guns at the ready. They were not prepared.

The Archon slipped around the edge of the portal as the first hulking abomination pushed through the shimmering portal. The three grotesques, their handler, and the Archon moved towards the razorback as the venom edged around the corner and opened up on the Chapter Master, spraying him with venomous shards that his Oolitic Kidneys struggled to cleanse his system. The Archon's Blast pistol blew a tread from the Razorback, sending it grinding to a halt, and leaving it easy prey for the Grotesques to fall upon and rip open. When it exploded, it sprayed them with shrapnel, but the Archon's Combat drugs rendered him insensible to the pain. As the smoke cleared, the marines inside where crouched over two dead comrades. A huge bulk slid through the darkness, and the Marine holding the Missile Launcher slumped to the ground as energy began to flow across the newly arrived Cronos.

Turn Three

As the survivors scrambled past the grotesques they felt a ray of hope. Reinforcements from the Battlebarge appeared in a flash of light. They, and the other Marines, opened fire on the Grotesques, but between their allies blocking their aim, and the unnatural toughness of the Grotesques, the monsters were unharmed. In the end, only one spurt of plasma caught a creature, burning it severely.

The Archon smiled, and spoke into his communicator. "Now." The three skimmers moved into the building, and wracks disgorged from the venom, while the bloodbrides sprang lightly to the ground, within easy reach of their quarry. Two clusters of Wracks stepped from the portal, lining their liquifiers up on the terminators. The Archon ran to join one of the squads, while the grotesques surrounded the Veterans on the other side. Twin beams of Darklight smashed into the Razorback, wrecking it. The marines inside piled out, into the waiting arms of the wracks. before they had even stopped, they were sprayed with burning black ichor, dissolving four of them. The combined force of four liquifier guns killed three of the Terminators, and the Archon blew another's head off with his blast pistol. The wracks and grotesques charged the last terminator and the last marine in the central building. The Chronos loomed over the marines fleeing back to the Chapter Master, sucking out their vitality and bequeathing it to the bloodbrides as they leapt upon their prey. The Chapter master was swiftly tangled in their nets, and the Syren deftly sidestepped his clumsy swing.

Turn Four

The dreadnought roared forward, eagerly spraying the wracks with fire before piling into them. The few surviving marines looked on in horror as the bloodbrides brought their prey to his knees, and swiftly vanished into the darkness.

Post Game

The SM player conceded at this point, though I was poised to capture 2 of the objectives in my turn. It was a little boring that he basically turtled the whole game and managed to stun my Ravager repeatedly.

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Captured Victims: Castellan Crowe, Ultramarine Chapter Master
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Tiri Rana

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PostSubject: Re: 1250 Vs SM, With Pictures   Wed Oct 26 2011, 03:11

Nice Battle, and nice report, very well written and ilustrated.


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PostSubject: Re: 1250 Vs SM, With Pictures   Wed Oct 26 2011, 04:13

Thanks for the batpics too - I'm a huge fan of getting to see the flow of the battle.


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1250 Vs SM, With Pictures
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