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 On Wounds and Mortal Wounds and PFP

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PostSubject: On Wounds and Mortal Wounds and PFP   Fri Jun 09 2017, 10:21

Sooo... A friend of mine just spotted that Yncarne's save (Ynnead Stirs) specifically says that it applies to Wounds and Mortal Wounds...

Of course it implies that they are not one and the same and therefore our PFP save does not help against Mortal Wounds.

It also implies that if Wounds and Mortal Wounds are not the same, any unit that heals Wounds, cannot heal Mortal Wounds. For example Yncarne - Avatar of Ynnead ability.

Any thoughts (beyond GW sloppy terminology)?
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PostSubject: Re: On Wounds and Mortal Wounds and PFP   Fri Jun 09 2017, 10:39

I think it's just sloppy wording. The mortal wounds section of the core rules basically just says that you bypass the wound and save rolls but otherwise treat mortal wounds the same as normal wounds. Our PfP save comes into play at step 5 of the Resolve Attacks sequence by which stage there doesn't appear to be any difference between a wound and a mortal wound.


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PostSubject: Re: On Wounds and Mortal Wounds and PFP   Fri Jun 09 2017, 14:37

They describe the feel no pain 6+ ability as a "roll" and not a "save" right? They might've actually put some forethought into that.

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On Wounds and Mortal Wounds and PFP
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