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 Old player returning could use help

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PostSubject: Old player returning could use help   Wed May 24 2017, 02:46

I could use help trying to cobble together a 1500-2000 point list. I would like to stick to more of what I consider classic Dark Eldar. That would mean Archon as many Incubi as I can fit (my favorite units in all of 40k) plus Kabalite warriors and some transports. Would it be possible to field a competitive army with a list featuring that or would it be too weak?

My main requirement would be seriously as many Incubi as I can fit in a list. I love melee units and want to get stuck in with the Kabalite being the shooty fodder as needed. Appreciate any help!

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PostSubject: Re: Old player returning could use help   Wed May 24 2017, 05:42

I'm afraid as of 7th ed, incubi aren't competitively viable esp in comparison to grotesques for the elite slots, which no one really uses outside of the grotesquerie formation anyway. Something GW completely overlooked was not giving incubi any assault grenades, so just imagine your incubi hitting on the same initiative as thunder-hammers.

I'm not completely up to date with the new 8th ed reveal about DE, but they've changed it so klaives are AP-3 instead of just ignoring any armour saves with AP2; meaning 2+ armour saves instead roll for a 5+ to save and 3+ armour, can save on a roll of 6 against incubi klaives. Ultimately, despite claiming that incubi are beastly in melee, it seems that they are going to be even worse off in 8th ed.

At least they look awesome...
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PostSubject: Re: Old player returning could use help   Wed May 24 2017, 08:04

Incubi aren't a terrible unit in 7th, but they are pretty clearly inferior to Grotesques. Like most squishy melee they are pretty vulnerable to overwatch and/or striking second. Not a choice for a top table tournament army, but if some Grav Centurions land nearby you wont entirely regret bringing them.

In terms of AP-3 vs old AP2, the distinction is not that major. Terminators and most units with 2+ armour tend to have a 5++ save as well, so no worse off there. Slightly worse against Marines, but will still happily beat them. Maybe slightly worse (in the absence of any other rules), but not a major nerf at all.

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PostSubject: Re: Old player returning could use help   Wed May 24 2017, 08:49

And it seems to be generic for most weapons that before had AP2 or 3 now still leave some saves to those units. Remember if they are roughly as good as last edition but most units got worse they are better of overall. Now the question is did this really happen or are they just still not that good. Also they are good at causing wounds and at the end of the turn the enemy has to take ld tests or suffer more damage. A reasonably sized unit of incubi can still kill most small squads of MEQ and I assume against larger units the extra deaths by end turn might help us more than them.
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PostSubject: Re: Old player returning could use help   

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Old player returning could use help
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