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 What paint brand do you use? Why?

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PostSubject: What paint brand do you use? Why?   Sat May 20 2017, 07:21

Hey everyone, I'm about to buy in to my paint set up and was wondering what brand of paint you all use and why you use that brand.

I've been looking at Citadel, P3, Vallejo, and Reaper. Thought?
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PostSubject: Re: What paint brand do you use? Why?   Sat May 20 2017, 09:13

I haven't used Reaper.

I use mostly P3, despite my local stores not stocking it, so I have to order pots online. Partly I just find it to be really good paint, but it was also a process of elimination:

GW regularly discontinues colors. At one point they discontinued their entire range. If I want to be sure that I'll be able to keep painting models in the same color scheme a year from now, I can't risk buying GW paints. I don't care how good the paint is if I can't get more of it.

For the most part, Vallejo is fine. Overall I find their colors a bit on the translucent side compared to P3, and Vallejo pigment and emulsion seem prone to separating. Also, I hate the dropper bottles, because they waste paint (dispensing too much, especially when i just need a brush tip to mix into a recipe), prevent stirring (see the separation issue), clog, and generally get in my way. That said, Vallejo has a bunch of colors that nearly match discontinued GW colors, so I use a bunch of those. And while I love most of P3's colors, their metallics are terrible, so I also use Vallejo's metallics.

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PostSubject: Re: What paint brand do you use? Why?   Sun May 21 2017, 18:50

I think you should mix and match, some paints I really enjoy from the Vallejo range and a bunch from GW, P3 has a few fun colors that arent' in the GW range and their bottles are great.

I find Vallejo stuff has a tendency to seperate, even when you shake the bottle for a couple mins you're still liable not to fix it, turning them upside down and leaving them, before shaking them seems to work better at fixing them.

The bottles I find so-so, they're not as bad as GW's pots though, which have a tendency to clog around the top after a while and make it difficult to close properly.
Vallejo are cheap though, and you get more paint than GW's stuff, and their range is very broad.

GW, I find 95% of their paints perfect, they also brought out Retributor Gold which I think personally is the no.1 metallic out there in terms of consistency and look.
If money isn't a huge concern then I'd go mostly GW, personally.
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PostSubject: Re: What paint brand do you use? Why?   Tue May 23 2017, 05:48

Valejo Model Air and Valejo Game Air seems to work best for me. The most durable colors, still arent dry or clogged even in 5 yrs old bottle.

Also Valejo liquid gold is insanely good metalic. Use it with any GW wash for great results.

GW washes are the best, and some of the colors also are very sweet, even if short lived.

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PostSubject: Re: What paint brand do you use? Why?   

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What paint brand do you use? Why?
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