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 8th ed rules dev/ changes

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PostSubject: 8th ed rules dev/ changes   8th ed rules dev/ changes I_icon_minitimeSat May 13 2017, 12:33

So, discussion was had about re-introducing Weapon Skill and Initiative to 40K 8th ed through a fan-rules-update.

We will be balancing for ALL armies and ALL units once the universal 5 books drop.

But to get started, and to keep the ball rolling on this little idea/ dream, I thought we could hammer out the structure of Weapon Skill and Initiative to replace the get charged, wait patiently whilst opponent hits you, hit your opponent and then choose whether or not you run away at the start of your next turn.

So, first up: To-Hit rolls.
More importantly, fixed to-hit rolls in close combat and how poorly they represent differing skill levels.

For example, in the currently explained system, an Imperial Guard soldier will have the same chance of landing a blow on another Guard as on an impercievably fast, dathedi wearing Solitaire.

So, to fix this, I can see two obvious ways of going about it.

The first is that lightning fast units like Slaaneshi Daemons, Harlequins, and Wyches get a To-Hit modifier. -1 or -2 to the enemy's rolls to represent how hard they are to hit.

The problem is that this will end up with situations where two 'lightning fast and highly skilled' units will be unable to hit each other.

The second option is to do away with fixed To-Hit rolls, and return to the Weapon Skill system. Except actually using the full range of the dice.

If models are within 1 point of each other, then they hit on 4's. 2 or more: 5+ and 3+, 4 or more: 6+ and 2+, 6 or more: no hit and 2+.

Meaning that you can never get an auto-hit. WS1 (Ethereals?) will be able to hit up to WS6 (dedicated mass-CC 'sergeant models'), WS2 (Tau) will be able to hit up to WS7 (Archons) WS3 (guard) will be able to hit up to WS8 (Assassins, Phoenix Lords, Primarchs, Greater Daemons), WS4 (Marines, Necrons, Aeldari, Orks, Nids, Commisars, Guard sergeants) will be able to hit up to WS9 (Solitaires, Greater Daemons of Khorne, CC-dedicated Primarchs and Phoenix Lords) and WS5 (mass dedicated-CC) will be able to hit up to WS10 (things like the Avatar of Khaine, character Daemon's of Khorne, CC-'gods' like Drazhar and Kharne)

This world exists because of the things we have done, forever branching to the decisions we make and twisting to what we do not.

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8th ed rules dev/ changes Empty
PostSubject: Re: 8th ed rules dev/ changes   8th ed rules dev/ changes I_icon_minitimeSat May 13 2017, 13:08

I would suggest waiting until you see the full rules set - we know for sure there will be modifiers to hit in combat (its been mentioned in the articles).

We also know some units will always strike first - again, we need the full rules for context.

I will also add the way the combat phase seems to work (from what we can gather) is actually pretty good.

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8th ed rules dev/ changes
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