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 1850pt List

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SCP Yeeman

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PostSubject: 1850pt List   Mon Apr 17 2017, 02:46

In about 1 month I am heading to my first GT this year. I am hoping this list will bring me success. Let me know what you think.

Reborn Warhost

Autarch, Bike, Fusion, Lance, Mask- 110
Archon, WWP, Blaster, HWG, Archangel of Pain- 140

Shadowseer, lvl 2, Mask of Secrets, HWG- 105
x5 Wraithguard- 160

x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 120
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 120
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 120

x1 D-Cannon Battery- 55
x1 D-Cannon Battery- 55
x2 Shadow Weaver Batteries- 60

Yncarne- 275

Ynnead's Net
x1 Warlock, Bike, Spear- 55
x5 Winderiders, x5 Scatter Lasers- 135
x2 Sky Weavers, Cannons, Glaives- 120
x9 Reavers, x3 Heat Lances, x3 Clatrops- 219

Plan is to attach the characters to the Wraithguard and use Soulburst to blow 2 big units up on their drop. They have a large foot print and with multiple characters I will have a multiple opportunities to Soulburst across the game. My Shadowseer will most likely be rolling on the Harlie table for Veil and a LD power to work with the Archangel and Mask.

The Net allows me to attack from all angles and is able to get at backfield units. With bulked units of Reavers and Scat Bikes a Soulburst is likely if my opponent leaves a unit close enough to the edge.

I like the batteries to stop Drop Pod armies as the D-Cannons and such will be able to Soulburst off of deaths.

The Warlock will most likely be going to summon something(s) to force some Soulburst with the Batteries or other units nearby.

I have played about 6 games with the list. The hardest thing I have found is to be continually conscious of movement and Jetbikes moves and such. It is too easy to forget or over extend yourself. Of those games I have only lost to Magnus and his Daemon friends with massive summons and 3 FMCs. I have destroyed 2 Battle Companies, Renegades artillery spam, Barkstar, and a Genestealer Cult.

What do you guys think? I have a GT coming up the first week of June and would like any finalizations to happen soon.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: 1850pt List   Mon Apr 17 2017, 10:23

Would the Armour of misery not be better than archangel of pain. When it comes to marines it's just a waste but the Armour can still contribute potentially getting you more wounds on Ld powers

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PostSubject: Re: 1850pt List   Mon Apr 17 2017, 11:16

Not a fan of the Yncarne. Model is great but rules are meh. Would see if you can instead include a wraithknight.

Archangel of pain, same what Anarchistscourge said - drop it, get armour of misery.

Rest I either support wholeheartedly or don't have enough knowledge of to say anything one way or the other.
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SCP Yeeman

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PostSubject: Re: 1850pt List   Mon Apr 17 2017, 14:28

I had the Armor on initially but I think the Archangel of Pain has some utility against armies like Renegade Artillery spam, Tau Monster Mash, and Daemons.

There is not a guarantee I get a LD power, so against those armies I feel dropping the AoP would be mightily helpful since they would be at -4 LD and I could wipe some of those artillery units. I do understand the AoM and the utility it could bring against armies with the LD powers of the Seer.

I understand it not being useful against Marines, but maybe they bring allies? I feel like it is already an uphill battle against Tau, Renegades, and Daemons and the AoP helps a little against those armies; no?

For the Yncarne, I do think a Wraithknight is probably better for this list but I have built and almost painted my Yncarne and she is one thing I am bringing no matter what. Otherwise I would have probably brought a D-Cannon Knight. She has been very feast or famine for me in my games. She has excelled at maelstrom objectives by teleporting to dead units positions and handling small squads and soulbursting into combat against another to stop the shooting of that squad and not getting hurt. Determining when she comes in and not doing it too early is vital. I did that twice and lost her foolishly because of bad play. I think her tricks and her stats scare people into them attacking her and not wanting her to teleport anywhere.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850pt List   

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1850pt List
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