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 Ynnari vs. Black Legion 1850p WH40K Video BATREP

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PostSubject: Ynnari vs. Black Legion 1850p WH40K Video BATREP   Fri Apr 14 2017, 10:11

Empyric storms!

First time ever trying those out and they really had an impact on the game!

Black Legion comes calling for a fight with the Ynnari, but should they have done that? Second game with the "Medium" setting on the OP -level for Ynnari and i´m starting to get a hang of the rules and the army...Can the Sorcerers do wonders with their terrain shifting powers? Will the loads of Raptors / Raptor Talons deep strike and charge in the Ynnari backlines? Here it is, the second test game to see, what is the proper power level for an Ynnari -list, before it goes apes*** OP Smile


- Lost Vyper / Reseda Prime
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Ynnari vs. Black Legion 1850p WH40K Video BATREP
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