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 1850 CTC

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PostSubject: 1850 CTC   Thu Mar 30 2017, 23:31

Hello fellow scum

I tried the Corpse Thief Claw Formation w/ Dark artisan backup for the first time last weekend, it went horrible. I ran against a marine player with two squads of grav cents, yes grav cents are pretty much the hardest counter to the CTC but since I'll be playing this guy on a regular basis is there a way to make the CTC more survivable against him?

This is the solution.....I hope;
w/ Clone field
attached to
3x Grotesques
w/ Raider, NS, Aether Sails

5x Kabalites
w/ 1x blaster and Venom (2x SC)
5x Kabalites
w/ 1x blaster and Venom (2x SC)

5x Scourges
w/ 4x HL or HB

w/ 3x DL
w/ 3x DL

Corpse Thief Claw
w/ 5x HB

Scalpel Squadron
(Venoms have 2x SC)

100 points left over, 2x units of bikes?

The idea behind the list is the scalpel squadron DS in enemy deployment, the Grot raider flatting out into enemy deployment (and bikes aswell) and hopefully this will be enough of a distraction to turn enemies focus away from CTC. What do you guys think?

I was also thinking of putting ossefactors on the scalpel squads but the consensus here is they are a waste (I think they're cool though)
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1850 CTC
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